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Cold War, 3d printable armies (10 or 6mm), a thing?

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    A question for those more knowledgeable about these things than I am, are there good suppliers/designers of 3d print files for Cold War era vehicles, troops etc.. in 10 or potentially 6mm.

    I do have ample 15 Team Yankee forces, but recently have had the urge to play around with a small scale of game (in both senses). As I have no idea what I want to do or need in terms of models I’d like to have the flexibility of being able to print as and when.

    It’s not difficult to find .stl of individual vehicles, plenty of people have uploaded designs, but what I wanted was more of collection where vehicles are actually in scale and have been tested out to make sure they work. So far I haven’t found anyone selling something like this. Does anyone know of a good source, or even bother to print out modern forces like this?



    I’m going the other way. I have Team Yankee stuff but plan to play modern conflicts in 20mm or 28mm.



    Simple answer yes. In fact I was sent Kickstarter details the other day for a Cold War Soviet force. STL for 10, 25 and 28mm I think. Search on kickstarter for Soviet Vehicles of the Cold War. He previously did one for BAOR.

    I have been printing off 15mm files using free ones from Bergman on Thingiverse supplemented by a couple of purchases from Wargaming 3d.

    I’ve also scaled down a lot of the Bergman 15mm (1:100) WW2 files to 67% and printed those with no problem. This is a resin printer mind you. Scaling down in spool printers can be an issue.




    Thanks, found it. This is heading the direction I was after.



    For interest, some Bergman and other 15mm stls taken down to 6mm. It works in principle and frankly is perfectly okay for this scale. On an Elegoo Mars 3 the details are pretty amazing though I suspect much will be lost when painting.

    Needs some experimentation to get right though. Even light supports can mess up details so I went through lots of different positions. Turrets also need to be scaled everso slight smaller than the bodies to fit properly in the sockets.

    The BMP and Bradley cannons must be the finest thing I have ever printed. And so, so easily broken. Once cured and fitted to the hulls its okay. I would print out 50% more turrets than hulls in a given batch to make good any losses.





    I’ve had excellent results scaling down 15mm (1/100) to 1/150 for 10mm wargaming. And they were all free from M Bergman on Thingiverse. On a decent resin printer the results are far superior to any metal models.


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