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Decent cheap starter printers?

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    After speaking about 3D printing over the weekend I’m considering picking one up.

    I’ve taken a look on places like amazon and found this :

    Price is very cheap and something I could justify getting. Now I’m under no illusions that something this cheap will print amazingly with no issues but does it seem a good starting point for someone looking to get into it?


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    If you can go a little bit more just get the Ender 3 🙂


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    Don’t go cheap, you will only end up being disappointed with the print quality.  It’s like the difference between an old Atari and Xbox 1 graphics.


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    I´ve started with the Creality Ender-2, now I use mostly the Ender-5. Works great for terraine.

    But: 3D Printing is a Hobby in its owen. You have to spend a lot of time learning and try and error. But if you get it right and have fun with it, you´re ending up with more terraine then you can ever paint. ^^

    Just printing WW2 terrain for Bolt Action in this moment.



    We use Anycubic and the new version works well but…

    Like above I would see if you can find any of the Creality Enders in your budget they are popular with a good amount of support.



    Cheers guys, will check out some of these suggestions.

    It’s a bit of a minefield, just so many to choose from out there.



    It’s worth sticking to the known brands it’s easier to get support advice etc.

    Creality are big sellers and have a really good sized user base out there.

    In the early stages that to me is the number one factor over print quality etc, as print quality is more about how you choose your settings than a particular brand.

    Creality to me kind of hits that sweet spot (even though we haven’t used them!)


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    If you can, have a watch of the Fat Dragon Games Ender 3 build video. Even if you don’t go the Ender route it will give you a great idea of what’s involved in 3D printing



    I will also suggest the ender 3. It’s a good starting printer and the price isn’t to bad. I have been able to print reasonable minis and terrain on it. I did have some issues like a dying fan after several months but it was cheap to replace.

    As for resin I’m waiting for someone to get the monoprice mp mini SLA which you can find for $200Us on eBay right now. But at that price in really tempted to get one and if I had space to set it up at the moment I prob would of ordered one.



    I’d second the ender 3WP_20190316_007WP_20190511_001WP_20190511_003



    Roadway tilesWP_20190714_003WP_20190714_001


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    I use an Anycubic Photon (resin) and Ender 3 Pro (Filament)
    The Ender 3 was very cheap for the results it can produce!


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    I write this to show that there are options so you don’t have to go all in on the tech-hobby side of printing.

    I have a FlashForge Finder FDM. Cheap and very plug n play. It is very simple and easy to get into and operate. No tech savvy needed until the inevitable blockages need clearing or the nozzle needs to be replaced. And then there are videos on you tube showing every step. You get a simple and easy slicer program with it.

    It also has very good print quality IMHO.

    The biggest minus is the print bed size of 14x14cm is a bit smallish for terrain such as large houses and it only used PLA (which is the best for terrain anyhow so I don’t really count this as a negative). I also print smaller minis on this, with great results. My 3-d printed minis project are all done on this printer, and most of those are not even printed at the finest settings.

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    Just pulled the trigger on an Anycubic i3 mega in their pre Xmas sale for about £140. Been contemplating a 3d printer for the last year or so and thought it’s worth a shot at that price. Hoping it’s not going to be too traumatic an experience when it arrives.


    Well I’ve still yet to get one myself. I’ve been telling the girlfriend I’ve wanted one most of this year so I’m waiting to see if I’ve been a good boy and Santa has got me one.

    If not I’ll grab myself one after Christmas and hope for some decent sales. I’ve been eyeing up some of the resin ones lately, they look fantastic and the print quality I’ve seen coming from them and not even expensive ones I might add is incredible.

    Got myself a nice collection of files ready for when I do from various Kickstarters etc.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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