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Expansion advice – TWD: All Out War.

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    Hi all,

    Last year I bought the All Out War starter set for my younger brother. The rules are fun but the base game is a little restrictive.

    So for Christmas this year I want to pick up an expansion or two for him.

    So I’m looking for some advice from those of you that have played the game quite a bit and expanded your collection.

    Mantic have been releasing stuff pretty steadily so I want to know what I should grab first. Ideally I’d like something that bulks out the core box with minis for both factions. Or maybe something that scales the game up. As a 40K, BMG etc. player, I find the small fold out mat that came with the core box a bit on the tiny side.

    Is that the best size for the game or have Mantic printed larger mats that allow more tactical freedom?


    Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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    It’s a tough one. The later expansions work on bigger games by having two maps together. Note the game works better long and narrow.

    As for expansions an easy choice would be the Made to Suffer one for the Woodbury faction.



    If you have nothing beyond the starter set then I suggest days gone bye as your first point of call. Apart from adding a few more survivors it adds the ability to create your own survivors at which point you can really go nuts. Fancy Shaun of the Dead, grab the look a likes from Hasslefree stat up Shaun and Ed and go for it. Or you can expand beyond anyway you fancy.

    I play most games on a 2 x 4 and big games on a 4 x 4 with dense terrain, adding in rules for climbing and the like is very easy considering the base mechanics so it’s incredibly flexible.


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    Cheers guys, I’ll look into both of those.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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