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    Hey folks! My dwarf horde recently arrived from Atlantis miniatures and I’m busy forming them into something resembling a fighting force. I am well equipped with big beasties but want to add in some war machines (cannons etc) but there’s nothing in the Atlantis range currently and the GW dwarf cannon left me a bit… meh…

    But then I figured it doesn’t need to be a dwarf war machine at all. Why should my stunty dudes have teenie tiny firepower when they could be using any war machines from the many fantasy ranges. So I’d like your thoughts on the most epic or most appropriate fantasy war machine(s) that I could add into my dwarf force to give them the fire power they deserve.

    Can be from any range, any sort of distance killing thing but ideally would like it to match the 28mm scale of the dwarves. Would be great if you could tell me the manufacturer as well as the title of the model. Any thoughts?



    Something like the Hwacha would be relatively easy to construct.

    Make a frame and get some wheels for it, fill the frame with a lattice of cut down straws for the launch tubes.

    If you have a few dwarf bits, you can stick them on to make it more interesting



    Wargames Foundry have a range of medieval cannons:

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    This Lords of Madness trebuchet is a pre-paint I believe, but a bit of tweaking it could work well.


    Or for the more traditional dwarven approach, maybe this Pike and Shotte Canon?




    All really interesting suggestions. Love wargames’ bombards, haven’t come across them before. Would never have thought of something like the hwacha, clearly the range of possibilities is even wider than I thought! Also love the style of the Lords of Madness trebuchet, would be good to get some stone throwers in there. Thanks guys!



    Scotia Grendel makes some great looking -and large- dwarven artillery pieces, steam golems and such in old fashioned resin:

    not very expensive either.

    scotia grendel


    they also have a great range of fortifications, castles, towers etc. it is well worth looking into their selections

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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