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GenCon 2020 Cancelled.

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    Not surprised but still disappointed.

    link to official press release here:



    Not even remotely a surprise.

    Ive never met anyone that went to Gen Con and didn’t catch the con flu…  so imagine what covid would do to the Gen Cons gatherers.


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    I doubt we’ll see any big events ’til next year … and even that may be a gamble.


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    Besides all the obvious reasons there is another.  The state of Indiana has started to open and is headed to phase 3 as of this coming Friday.   Indianapolis is not opening up and has no plan for opening.  Downtown will be a ghost town by the end of summer as businesses that have grown or moved in to be part of the expanded tourist traffic are closing permanently.

    I am pretty sure that to allow GenCon out of their 2020 obligations a deal was struck to add on the extra 2 years to the contract.  Not sure if this is going to be enough.  GenCon already had a very vocal group wanting to leave Indianapolis and this could lead to more internal strife.


    Oh well I hope we can get past this and get back to normal.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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