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General Discussion: Do you base your vehicles?

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    So today I am looking at what to do with some of my vehicles for Bolt Action and the big question is should I base them. Having spoken to a few in my gaming group I found that this has split them pretty evenly. I really like the idea of a based vehicle but I struggle to find a base that matches the Bolt Action ones, that I can put a tank on and have rounded corners and a similar lip size.

    I was wondering what the OTT community prefers. Do you base none, some or all of your vehicles?  Does it depend on the game, the size of vehicle or the type? It would be good to read your reasons why too.

    I am interested to hear all your feedback.

    Thanks for reading everyone 🙂




    My Star Wars: Legion vehicles are based because the system requires the custom bases.

    I have not based any of my 15mm (1/100 scale) WW2 tanks as the Tanks skirmish game does not need them to be. It comes down to an aesthetic preference, and I agree that a nice base can really add to a model.

    Sarissa make mdf bases of various shapes and sized in either 2 or 3mm that may suit your purpose.



    For me it depends on the vehicle, if its a plastic kit then no it doesnt need it, same with resin usually as the go together nice and solidly. Resin/ metal hybrids and full metal vehicles I will base especially if the wheels and axels are seperate from the rest of the model like Perry and Blitzkrieg ones are.


    I tend to base my 6mm vehicles regardless as its easier to see them and pick them up.

    as for what I base then on for my BA LRDG force the jeeps were put on 60mm mdf circles and the trucks are on old shop loyalty/ rewards and promo cards suitably scratched up.


    my 6mm stuff I found that for bigger vehicles then the little keyfob reward cards are good, for smaller stuff then I use mdf or plastic (the thin ones you get from perry or GB, not the slotta type ones) 25mm square bases



    I’ve only based a couple of my vehicles . I cut my own base out of plastruct plastic sheet , about 1/2 longer and wider than the vehicles . One is a Sherman with a bulldozer blade ( plastic tank / resin- metal blade ) , I consider it more of a mini diorama I guess . Plus I t think moving it about from carry box to game table and back , without a base  would probably end up damaging or breaking off the blade . Super glue works great if the parts aren’t under stressM4 Sherman Dozer

    The other vehicle is a mud bogged T-34 . This is more of a scenery piece really made up from left over hull and  kit parts .  I also base my artillery with crewv4 , tripod mount machine guns and even a Panzerturm . But I’m more of a modeller than gamer . My other 50 odd tanks / half tracks aren’t based as of yet , but eventually some will .

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    I would probably base anything up to 15mm. I find the FoW bases really good

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