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Hellcat for What a Tanker!

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    Back with painting 15mm tanks I decidet to start a little american force as a second army for my What a Tanker collection.

    I started with this little M 18 Hellcat tank destroyer. I love this little tank which will give me some punch to knock out heavier german vehicles. Next up will be a M4A1 sherman tank.

    Hope you enjoy, cheers.B1430A92-09CD-4E01-9DCE-2004FE0AD8897BB269FA-2079-4511-B828-06B1652E68C0ED1EC22A-D8F2-40C4-A746-18813A6864EA083D7D4C-5AAC-4BA5-8133-99A942EDE80930003DC4-FA14-429D-A5DC-068604DB5AC03A1E105F-44B0-4FF4-BACC-E5D20AF8EE91F373A6EB-926C-4475-94F2-D5ADF9729061



    Very nice! 👍

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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