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    So the platform I’m streaming at has made another payment on behalf of the lovely people with prime subscriptions! Now there are ~50€ that want to be spend on hobby stuff. And I want terrain for Frostgrave. And since I like official stuff I am looking at

    Now, I can’t spend much more then 50€ but I want options. I’m looking at these 4 from the official range.



    City Ruins


    Sacred Temple


    Town Ruins


    But I am open to suggestions for other manufacturers. So what should I get? Leave a comment here or use this fancy link to go to my personal data hoarding nextcloud poll form:

    Alternatively you can also do that on the YouTube community tab on my profile:

    Help me decide!




    I have been looking myself at a Mordhiem city build. I came across a few sites that might help in the future as well. I think the Kromlech town ruins would be a best place to start for yourself. You get a lot of buildings in that set so will cover a lot of the board.

    War bases do some very basic and very cheap MDF kits. I think the ruined city stuff would be starting points to add your own builds to.

    They also do some perfect ruined and not so ruined tudor buildings which should fit in.

    One of the issues with MDF is trying to store it. Basically I cannot just throw it into a box like the plastic stuff. I need to be put it on shelves which I have very limited space for. I found some buildings in plastic from Renedra. The Tower and walls sections have caught my eye. They also have an old house and church which would work well.

    Back to MDF and over to TTCombat.

    They have a range of ruined and not so ruined buildings. I would have a look at the savage domain buildings as a starting point.

    Fantasy Realms

    3D Printing I dont have a 3D Printer myself and normally would not suggest them but this company really caught my eye with these buildings. They look amazing maybe one day if I get a printer.


    Cult of Games Member

    Depends what you already have.  If you’ve got the old GW cemetery I wouldn’t bother getting the Kromlech one.  The Town Ruins you could probably make, like you did your Frostgrave Wall.  One of the positive things about the Kromlech kits are they are a decent size compared to some other kits.  I have built but not painted (yet) the Temple and the City Ruins, both are a good size.  Out of the two I’d go for the City Ruins.

    If you have some gothic ruins you could use those as an alternative temple.  You could use cake decoration columns for the columns in the scenario.

    For MDF alternatives if you can find a store or online retailer that still has Warcradle’s Gloomberg terrain then that’s worth a look and is precoloured.

    TT Combat have the Savage Domain line which is not as nice as the Kromlech stuff but still functional.

    I’m sure I’ve seen stuff from Sarissa-percision as well.


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    thank you @redscope

    Depends what you already have.

    @orinoco suitable for Frostgrave? Nothing but the archway I did way back when. In a broader fantasy side stuff: that archway, the Brewhouse Bash build and a hut that’s more summer medieval than snowy XD The Town Ruins are my current favourite.



    I have the Town Ruins set and there’s a lot of stuff in that box. Not really had much chance to use it though.

    I’d be tempted by Sacred Temple or Cemetary.

    TTCombat terrain is pretty good. I have enough of that for small wild west town. Also got a handful of modern buildings and some venitian for Carnevale.

    MDF is a pain to store though. Takes up a lot of space and I end up lofting it. But so does plastic terrain. I need a bigger house.


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    Decision has been made. Items where ordered! Thanks for participating.


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    I better stop my prime subscription now 😛


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    Noooo, my Bezos monies!

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