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Hobby Weekender 15/03/2019 – The 2000's

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    And before anyone asks, no, I’m not going to refer to the decade as the ‘Noughties’…

    Continuing on with the practice of recent weeks as hosted by @mage we are now up to the 2000’s. So, let’s slap a ‘Y2K Compliant’ sticker on this thread and get the ball rolling…

    Welcome All to another Hobby Weekender! As per tradition started generations ago, and handed down from wise elders, the intro blurb is shamelessly cut and paste below once again and possibly for all time…:

    To the uninitiated, this is a virtual hobby hangout here on the forum. It is something fun and silly with a little more ‘oomph’. It’s not just show and tell with your models. Its chatting, getting to know one another, community building. Think of it as a sort of club like hobby session. Everyone is welcome, of course, and there are a few rules to abide by. Let it go as OT as you like with chatting with folks. BoW/OTT is a special, unique community, and this little weekly thread is a tradition on these forums. Though not for everyone, if you are still reading and keen, then it is for you. If not, best click out.

    We do a few things on this thread that usually lasts from Friday or Saturday til about Wednesday or Thursday. My say is final in this silly little corner of the internet. Fear not, for this is your safe place against the outside world of flame wars, trolling and all that other crap.

    (1) Make a pledge for the weekend. It can be painting, assembly, priming, converting, background writing, terrain, you name it. Just gotta be relevant to hobbying or gaming.

    (2) Chat with people. Be friendly. Do get to know one another, be kind, provide positive reinforcement and constructive criticism. Do not post up your real name, credit card, bank details or home address info.

    (3) I will list out questions. Answer them. Longer answers = more points. Also, points are being assigned to something else as it confused some folk for a while.

    (4) Awards will be given out at the end of the thread and you shall be awarded XP, added to your account profile by the wonderful @lancorz . Think of him as the ever vigilant Batman of the forums who keeps a careful eye on the status quo, but also acts in a way, like Alfred; with a calm disposition and the attentive nature of a concierge.

    (5) Scottish Pub Law rules: no discussion of religion or politics**. Keep it clean. Behave. Be nice, be kind. Walk away if you get angry. Don’t be a dick.

    Also there are bonuses for the following ‘Achievements’:
    · Most Valuable Player (most engaged with topic)
    · Fire Starter (topic starter, encourages the member circulation)
    · Hobby Champ (most hobby over the weekend)
    · Meme Lord (ryhmes, funnies & memes)
    · Pun-Tertainment (best pun)
    · Brush Licker (painting & terrain)
    · Headliner DJ (most eclectic music)
    · Armchair Commander (weekend battle reports)
    · Community Usher (helpful & engaged)
    · Storyteller (weekly discussion & story)

    Note: All points are awarded in fictional currencies… sometimes

    Questions for the week are as follows:

    1.    With the obvious and immense disappointment we all felt in the year 2000 at the lamentable absence of hover-boards or flying cars aside, what books, movies, comics, TV series or anime from the 2000’s surprised you or was most memorable?

    2.    What were your favourite hobby or gaming releases of the decade? What games did you play most or enjoy most from this period of time?

    3.    5 favourite songs, albums, artists or even genres from the decade – please post links so we can all experience…

    4.    If you had the time, storage space and resources available, what historical, fantasy or sci-fi locales would you like to create as a gaming table? What games system would you use to utilise said table?


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    1. With the obvious and immense disappointment we all felt in the year 2000 at the lamentable absence of hover-boards or flying cars aside, what books, movies, comics, TV series or anime from the 2000’s surprised you or was most memorable?

    The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Hands down. 2001, 2002 and 2003.  And it got even better in the extended cut.

    2. What were your favourite hobby or gaming releases of the decade? What games did you play most or enjoy most from this period of time?

    Videos games… because they could be… um… ‘found’ on the internet. 2000 was a rather dark time in terms of money. So I had to rely on ‘alternative methods of acquirees’. (That said, almost all games I had ‘found’ on the internet have been bought by me since then.) In the late 2000 I got hooked on… Star Wars Pocketmodels by wizkids. Yeah, big surprise there 😉

    3. 5 favourite songs, albums, artists or even genres from the decade – please post links so we can all experience…

    Ok, you’ve asked for it. I’ll try and keep it diverse 😉

    4. If you had the time, storage space and resources available, what historical, fantasy or sci-fi locales would you like to create as a gaming table? What games system would you use to utilise said table?

    I’d make a modular table with snow, dessert, city, industrial, ruin and any other thinkable terrain, have transition tiles for each zone to another and keep it as generic as possible so it would be usable for high fantasy, SciFi and historical.

    I pledge to do some gaming. Actually I’m already appointed for Saturday.

    EXTRA PLEDGE: I will pledge @theterraintutor book… 6 more hours until launch!


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    1) So much choice! @sundancer isn’t wrong about the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I’d be remiss not to shout out such small-screen gems as Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spartacus, but if we talk anime then the 00’s were an incredibly fertile period – Fullmetal Alchemist got 2 utterly superb adaptations at either end of the decade, Gainax returned to the mecha genre to offer an alternative reconstruction in the form of Gurren Lagann – the very antithesis to Evangelion, Gundam Seed updated the framework of the Universal Century to a more modern sensibility whilst Gundam 00 aimed for a more grounded approach, and lest I forget Ghost In The Shell set the bar for small-screen cyberpunk with Stand Alone Complex (shout out to the Appleseed cgi movies that still look absolutely stunning)

    2) Valves Orange Box might still be one of the best value collections every put to retail. Certainly played a roll in pushing Steam to its place of dominance. Also Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Grand Theft Auto III (plus Vice City & San Andreas), Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, Red Dead Revolver (yep, Revolver), Halo: Combat Evolved (still got the pc version and eagerly awaiting the Master Chief Collection now it’s officially coming home 😉 ), Kingdom Hearts, Beyond Good & Evil, God of War 1 & 2, and more that I’ve forgotten. The 00’s were a very good year for videogaming. And lets not forget Good old Games beginning their mission to keep the classics of pc gaming alive and playable…

    3) Oh gods now your asking for it.  BEHOLD!!!:

    4) Mos Eisley space port, the Pellanor Fields.

    And my pledge – to continue work on these 6 Terminators,  the Knight Preceptor and the Knight Armigers:
    2019-03-09 17.22.132019-03-09 18.45.132019-03-09 18.46.02

    And I’m expecting Shadowspear to arrive tomorrow, so might start in on building the Primaris units. I have had some bits through that will allow me to build some more Tempestus Scions, so want to try and get to 2 full squads built.

    Now admittedly this depends on being mobile enough to do it, as it took me the best part of an hour to be able to stand this morning, so we shall see….


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    1. Favourite Media
    Not to steal off of @sundancer but I have to agree: The Lord of Rings trilogy. To me, this was the start of fantasy and sci-fi can be good outside of their existing niche audiences (maybe excepting the likes of Star Trek/Wars) that led an age of many other enjoyable properties being picked up, the rise of the comic book movie being a notable example in my mind.

    2. Favourite Hobby/Game Stuff
    Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Start.
    Whilst looking back on it with over a decade of being around the gaming/hobby space leaves me with a distinct lack of rose tinted lustre for what they tried to do with this edition, this is where it all started for me. From this game other RPGs (way to many to list here), T/CGs like Magic the Gathering and Munchkin that ate up my time at Uni, miniatures starting with their official range and then on and beyond to find other monsters to put on the table top (this even got me into GW as I bought a Space Marine Tactical squad to fill in for some space robots and the Island of Blood box set for hordes of rats in Iron Claw) and more besides. This was my gateway to years of enjoyment and for that it always have a place in my heart, even if I would probably never find the time to play it again when there is so much more available these days.

    3. Music
    Based on what I am still listening to today, pretty much anything by these bands but as a taste of their work from the time:

    1. Demon Hunter – Fading Away
    2. Sabaton – Primo Victoria
    3. Blind Guardian – Another Stranger Me
    4. Amon Amarth – Twilight of the Thunder God
    5. The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – The Gin Song

    4. Dream Table Top Project
    If I could go all out, I would recreate some of the great sieges/battle fields of the Napoleonic War. I grew up reading a lot of Bernard Cornwell and seeing a scaled version of the like of Talavera or Badajoz, Vitoria or Salamanca: maybe even a part of the the Lines of Torres Vedras would be amazing. Maybe not Waterloo from me personally as that’s been done, a lot… but there is so much more to choose from.

    Finish accessorising my two squads of AM Infantry and make a start of the vehicles. Probably not gonna finish the armour though as planning on some work to magnetise the weapon options.


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    Happy Weekend everyone, hope you all have a good one.

    Again, rugby tomorrow.  Probably only going to watch Wales v Ireland.  Have some family stuff on as well.  I hope to get more organising done (I have models all over the place and if they don’t get sorted into projects now, they’ll never be sorted), but I have also found some Gripping Beast Arabs that need basing and so will try and do that (there isn’t that many) and some might need transfers on the shields as well.  I’ve also started to read the Age of Sigmar rulebook so will keep going at that.

    1. There were a few TV series I thought were very good.  I loved The Wire and Deadwood was awesome (shame they didn’t make anymore).  The return of Doctor Who as well!  Dexter started off stronger, then I got bored with it.  Friday Night Lights was good if not a little cheesy.  Movies – obviously you have Lord of The Rings.  One book series I love was the Shardlake books by CJ Samson.  I’ll add more as I remember them.

    2. I got back into hobbying in the late 2000s after a long break, so can’t really answer this as I only really got back into painting to begin with.

    3. This is a hard one!  I would say my 5 favourite bands from the 2000s were Primordial, Evergrey, Enslaved, Iron Maiden and Grand Magus or at least these are the bands I remember listening to most.  I’ll drop in more albums or songs I loved from other bands as we go through the weekend.




    Iron Maiden

    Grand Magus

    4. Another hard one.  One battle I would like to recreate is the Battle of Benburb using Pike and Shotte.  The site of the battle isn’t that far from me and just think it would be an interesting one to recreate.  It was a Scottish v Irish force, the Scottish got their ass kicked badly, but it would be interesting to recreate the battle and see if the Scottish could have won.  Part of Irish history I also know very little about.  Another battle I would like to do are the Battle of Clontarf, which was Irish v Norse and Irish – but given the size of the battle (some estimate that 10,000 men were killed in the one day battle),  a smaller scale might be best.

    One alternate history game I would like to play would be Romans (maybe even Julius Caesar himself) invading Ireland – but I am not smart enough to make it 🙂

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    With the obvious and immense disappointment we all felt in the year 2000 at the lamentable absence of hover-boards or flying cars aside, what books, movies, comics, TV series or anime from the 2000’s surprised you or was most memorable?

    I was very disappointed I wasnt living in space. I think the most underrated show of the noughties (@evilstu 😛) was The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Good stories from a great franchise. Like Firefly it was finished before it’s time. My favourite show though was probably Smallville.

    2.    What were your favourite hobby or gaming releases of the decade? What games did you play most or enjoy most from this period of time?

    World of Warcraft springs to mind. Planetside too. I’m not sure I came across too many new tabletop games in the period though. Although I would have liked have played more Inquisitor.

    3.    5 favourite songs, albums, artists or even genres from the decade – please post links so we can all experience…

    No links as awkward on phone. But from memory

    Linkin Park – Meteora

    Staind – Break the Cycle

    30 Seconds to Mars – From Yesterday

    Johnny Cash – Hurt

    Soundgarden – Down on the Upside

    4.    If you had the time, storage space and resources available, what historical, fantasy or sci-fi locales would you like to create as a gaming table? What games system would you use to utilise said table?

    3 ideas spring to mind. Nakotami Plaza on Walking Dead Scale. A moving train. Space ship attached to a Space Station.


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    This weekend’s pledge?
    Well, I have to confess… not only do I have a laser cutter (which gets quite a bit of use these days) but I’ve had a 3d printer for about two years. And have printed a little calibration cube and a tiny polygon-dragon, and that’s about it.
    So this weekend’s pledge is to get the thing working again and print something “terrain-y” on it. Anything.
    Waiting on some fresh filament and the nozzle’s been soaking in acetone for an hour or so already to unblock it….

    1. Memorable films from the 2000s? The Lord of the Rings trilogy was good, wasn’t it? And the early Harry Potters were pretty impressive for their special effects (though not really for the child acting!). Does the Matrix count? I know it was first released in 1999, but I didn’t get to see it ’til it came out on DVD! That (the first movie) was a great film! The Batman reboots were pretty good – but also ushered in the start of the current mind-numbing “super hero” crossover film franchises.
    Books? I’m going to admit that I quite enjoyed the Da Vinci Code. I don’t care about the cheesy dialogue and the stilted prose; when I first read it, I enjoyed it.


    2. This was a pretty busy time for me, and I didn’t really play much tabletop. I don’t have a video console and, as I used to write games for handhelds, I’ve never really spent any time playing video games (too much like reading the Matrix for me). As far as gaming goes, a bit of a lost decade for me. I did notice that zombie games were particularly popular during this time (hey, I was busy, not asleep).


    3. The 2000s were a great time for Me First and the Gimme Gimmes:


    The world’s best (and most troubled) rock band, the Wildhearts continued to split up and reform, but still put out some excellent stuff during the 2000s. Their covers EP was just as good as any original material:


    The Reel Big Fish went from initial to commercial success but then lost it all before going “indie” and producing their own records. Their sound (and some might argue chord arrangements) didn’t change. Personally, I like that it didn’t. Their cover of New York, New York is a modern classic:


    While artists like Imelda May took rockabilly mainstream, there were loads of cool bands chugging out fast-punk 2/2 marching time tunes. The Creepshow with Zombies Ate Her Brain mixed a popular style with a popular topic of the day:


    I still return to the Bad Luck Bandits for a quick burst of tongue-in-cheek misery:


    4. Probably something industrial – that could double-up as a zombie/post-apocalyptic terrain, or a sci-fi battleground.
    I really like the look of how Wildlands plays:


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    Thank goodness you did not refer to the 2000s. I always hated how stupid that phrase sounded.

    Honestly, hosting wise I was done with decades, I didn’t feel the 2000s were important or rather significant enough to continue going on with haha. No offence or anything. I almost forgot about that Y2K crap.

    My Pledge:

    • Continue working on my Minotaur Space Marines. That’s it. Ive been on the road most of the day, still feeling unwell, and now back with my son until Monday when I drop him back again. Its great to have him for the Bank Holiday / St Patricks Day weekend celebration. I might get more time in here and there or after he goes, but I do not plan on it as my time will be taken up with Dad-ing.
    • I’ll try get a chance to post some pics up but right now I am super tired on top of being drained in general.

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    1. ‘…what books, movies, comics, TV series or anime from the 2000’s surprised you or was most memorable?


    I’m going to do one post about books, one about movies, one about comics, one about TV series and one about Anime. Buckle up.


    When I finished school in 2004 my reading and interest in it started to decline. This was due to happenstance with: becoming an adult, going to college (the course concerned was 38 ish hours a week, with two hours commute each day on public transport) part time work at the same time (doing 28 – 35 hours a week, part time my ass), starting my current job and meeting my sons mother (now my ex) in 2010 I had a lot going on.

    Not a million miles away from what some of you were saying about the 1980s or 1990s.

    As a kid I read Goosebumps (I read other stuff too but kind of forced to by school/parents that I had no real interest in) before discovering the Hobbit (forced to pick a book in school to read and write about, this was it) and loving it and transitioning into Lord of the Rings.

    This brings me up to around 1999. At the same time I got into Terry Pratchett, but lost interest in the mid 2000s. I found that some of his books changed focus between different characters and genres (Rincewind and the Watch were my favourite by far) that I lost interest in what was essentially a series about a loosely connected world when random books about newer characters appeared it felt kind of… forced.

    With that being my background in reading and what I was up to at the time, I started reading Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire to the initiated) in the mid to later 2000s. The card game was going pretty strong in my local games club and the owner, workers and members at said shop (The Gathering, in Limerick, still there btw) were all reading the series and all fans. What made me want to read it is how, at random points on nights out, be it earlier, later, waaaay later, at conventions, in pubs or back at a guys apartment: it ALWAYS got brought up, anecdotes about parts of the story were told, cool scenes were described and it was mentioned with such passion. So I was on board.

    Or so I thought. I forgot about it. I started my current job toward the end of the 2000s. After a year or so my father and I went to Portugal. I had forgotten to bring a gaming supplement (which was very unlike me) or book to read (as I mainly ‘fell’ out of reading’) but I did pick up the first book in the ASOIAF series which was at the airport book shop: Game of Thrones. The flight flew and I read the book on holidays. Kept reading it when I got back, finished it and loved it. This was before HBO announced the series was even in development. I found GRRM’s writing style smooth, easy to read, detailed, descriptive but not clunky, convoluted, contrived nor self-indulgant.

    For those of you who have not read the first book (I wont even get into the Series V the books) then you really should: Roose Bolton is introduced earlier, there are far more characters, the plots and story details go into way further detail and not just detail for detail’s sake, and you really get inside other characters heads and get mentions of things and hints that point toward the origin of different things in the world as well as a few theories about legends and other figures in the setting that don’t really get broached upon by the TV show.

    Also if you say you’re a huge fan of GoT, play wargames, read but have never read ASOIAF, Im sorry, but I laugh in your face. If you’re a nerd and on this site and match the criteria of the previous sentence and you really don’t have time to read ONE book in the series, but do have time for TV/anime/comics/youtubers/reading a rules or gaming supplement/hobbying then you go down two levels of respect in my eyes. It makes you a hipster.

    And I hate hipsters. Hipsters will be there along with the cockroaches after nuclear war* kills off humanity (real human beings).

    *Or some other extinction level event.


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    @mage – wow, that went dark quickly.


    Cult of Games Member

    @mage I did watch some GoT, got bored by it and didn’t read the books because for some unknown reason (aka MONEY) the German books are cut in half. You get one book from ASOIAF in English but you need to buy *two* in German. So it’s a hard pass for me. Also the story line really doesn’t catch me. But I’ve read all discworld books.

    I did some hobby too



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    1. ‘…what books, movies, comics, TV series or anime from the 2000’s surprised you or was most memorable?



    There were good movies in the 2000s all in all. While there were a lot of flops (Stealth, Pluto Nash, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles), failed reboots of movie series (Red Dragon and in fact everything after silence that was a continuation just plane sucked, and declining careers of certain stars (Martin Lawrence springs to mind but there are certainly more). There was good too like Along came a Spider, From Paris with Love, Superbad, and The Hangover. Also Taken.

    There was the stuff I did not like but curtailed to some and was successful or significant enough to pop culture in its own right such as Mamma Mia, the Sex and the City movie and the Bridget Jones movies. Not to mention all the Disney / Pixar stuff that gets churned out like clockwork on a yearly basis.

    What stuck out to me though were Tolkien, Star Wars and Marvel.

    With the Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Two Towers (2002) (I cant believe there was talk about changing the name of this movie based on a book from 1954 after the September 11th Terrorist Attacks, my heart go out to the victims and Emergency Services of New York City, but Gates of Hades that is ridiculous; only a simpleton would link the two and it is a tenuous link and then have to deliberately take offence in a contrived manner) and Return of the King (2003) the early 2000s opened with a bang. It was a sign of changing times where movie theatres were taking chances on new ideas and properties, though sadly this became a trend and a safe bet with so many bad clones coming out in the form of the Golden Compass and Erragon to name a few. Anyhow back on topic. It showed that full scale battles, awesome high quality props, and computer generated effects had reached a new benchmark and level. Truly this was a beacon to what could be attained moving forward. Not to mention GW doing the game, as well as a bunch of other companies making board, card and tabletop RPG games of it.

    Attack of the Clones (2002) and Revenge of the Sith (2005) mark two different periods for me. While none of the Prequal trilogy movies were great, the setting they occurred in was interesting enough. Also they look a lot better after seeing the Last Jedi. Poor Luke. Attack of the Clones is something me and most of my year in school went to after after-school study to a packed Cinema. It was a great experience to share. The movie was boring to be fair but seeing the planet Kimino, a conspiracy uncovered by Kenobi, the confrontation with Jango Fett, the Jedi rescue at the slave coliseum and the epic clone battle at the end? It wasn’t that bad a movie! Meanwhile Revenge of the Sith released while I was in college when I wasn’t in a good place with a cousin who had cancer (who ultimately died not too long after) in a course I hated, with not really any friends and no time for gaming and being spread waaaay too thin with work/college/commuting it kind of all seemed a little ‘meh’. It finished a pre-told paint by numbers slap-a-bow on it plot. So yeah, with everything we got from the Lord of the Rings we kind of came level with with Star Wars, unfortunately. But this is cool!

    And of course Iron Man (2007) kicked off the shared film universe to a level, consistency and success that nobody else did before, during or has tried to replicate after (sorry DC Comics and Warner Brothers). Even now it has permeated into our pop culture with notepads, toys, computer games, cartoons, board games, miniature games, clothes, offshoot media and yearly movie releases that nothing needs to be said. It would be unnecessary to do so: it has become ingrained into our pop culture. Heck some of us were talking about Captain Marvel last week!

    Also Star Trek (2009)…


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    Unintentional, where was it too dark and I will perky it up a little through the magic of editing? I think Im cranky and I dont realise it…


    Cult of Games Member



    I like your hobby so far.


    As for discworld i’m trying to get back into them. I’m gonna try and go back to the beginning and read the ones I like, or reread, and skip the ones which don’t strike me as great. i don’t think sky bringing out those crappy TV specials helped, or the fact that the cover art changed to something more serious compared to how it was when I started reading helped my perception of the series.


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    1. ‘…what books, movies, comics, TV series or anime from the 2000’s surprised you or was most memorable?


    Comic Books are something I did not properly get back into til about 2014 ish. After the split with my sons mother, well, I went through a very dark, painful and lonely period. I splurged on some comic books on a day out in Galway, probably my favourite place to be in Ireland if I am to be honest, and got back into them from there. It was therapeutic and I took comfort in them. The odd day trip to Galway perked me up after a bad week (the solution to a bad day was takeout) and inevtiably more comic books.

    But that was not the 2000s.

    The 2000s saw me reading Deadpool Comics but not collecting them seriously nor chronologically. Not that that ever mattered to the Merc with a Mouth. I cant really go on about this at length like previous posts as pretty much everyone at this stage has seen the two Deadpool movies and is familiar with the character. There are a few funny moments: accidentally warping into an alternative version of earth where apocalypse is in charge and the world is pretty much gone ‘Wow. Its all gone. Its not… THE Age of Apocalypse but its AN age of Apocalypse.’ I laughed myself silly at that one.

    I also read some Manga for a time but then swiftly fell out of it after a few volumes. While I enjoyed it, at the time of reading them I did not travel much or go places much. Their availability and getting the proper issues in certain order, and the length of some series made me quickly lose interest due to cost and logistics. Daemon Diary was good, King of Hell was better but the plot took too long to kind of… form…ulate. You get me. RG Veda I read a bit of but it was too convoluted. There are doubtless others I have forgotten about.

    Of course I loved Dreamwaves G1 Transformers and Cybertron: The War Within. I could go on about these in detail and length, and want to find them again and complte my collection soon. However if your not a Transformers fan hearing about it must be tedious. Also, I need something new to start collecting as I have almost got all the ships for the game Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which sadly seems to have tanked.

    Laptop almost dead and do not know where charger is, back later! Well, I will still post but that is it for long posts.

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