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    Found this on the raspberry pi magazine twitter

    Plunder dungeons and slay dragons in digital style with this simple TV conversion project for all your TTRPG needs


    Full story and (rather straight forward instructions) here


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    Neat. Stick a Chromecast in the back while you’re at it and that would be quite flexible.

    Can’t help thinking I would want a flat screen so it’s light enough to put away easily. I wonder if I could convince the missus we need an upgrade in the living room and offer to just so find a good home for the current model. 😛


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    Or you could go hunting ebay and those places for a HD monitor without a stand or cracked case. As long as it’s working you can hide all the rest. (And even a brand new 22″ FullHD monitor is roughly around 100 €)


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    Yeah looking cool, with one caviat; the minis seem to ‘float’ above projected surface of a desert, it would probably be hard to overcame due to construction of most screens.

    On the other hand any aerial or space combat game would look stunning with clouds and astral bodies moving under miniatures.


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    Anyone even remember when Microsoft first demonstrated their ‘Surface’ ?

    I remember a tabletop RPG version for that platform as well …

    Too bad it never got to the ‘consumer’ level.
    I know there were DIY projects that attempted to achieve something similar.

    And if anyone understands what the heck they are saying in this video :

    Not so complex, but still cool :

    One definitely needs plenty of DIY skills & tools


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