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    Hey All!

    Reclusive Phoenix just launched our 3rd Kickstarter this week. This time we are looking to fund the human army for our forthcoming scifi/horror miniatures war game, Slumbering Oblivion.


    The initial funding goal is to produce the initial squad of human soldiers in the HADES army. These are genetically engineered cybernetic soldiers, aka GECS, wearing high tech battle suits and wielding near future weapons. They are the front line in fighting the minions of Cthulhu. Once we reach that goal we will move on to other human units as well as a few enemies.

    This is the next step in our upcoming 28mm Slumbering Oblivion war game. Once these units are funded we will move to finalizing the rules later this year. They are currently undergoing play testing and final revisions by a group of experienced, and well known, war game designers. More on that in future updates.

    Over the last year we have launched and successfully funded two  other Kickstarters. In addtion, both have been fulfilled, ahead of schedule. Not many campaigns can say that. This is because we keep them limited to what is realistic. This doesn’t make for a hectic thrill ride of a KS but in the end you get your rewards when stated (or better) and are constantly kept up-to-speed with weekly updates. That’s kind of our mantra, under promise and over deliver and so far it has worked out pretty well.

    This is also a EU friendly Kickstarter in the sense that all the models are made in the UK which will help avoid the taxes and fees that typically arise from a KS based in the US. EU shipments are made from the UK and everywhere else ships from the US.

    Please give it a look and if it is something you find interesting we would love to have you as a backer!

    To see the models from our first two Kickstarters, you can check out our site:

    During this current KS we are also running a sale, so if you see anything you like just use the code KS3SALE at checkout for 20% off your order.




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    I backed the last one and this one… The cast I received from the last KS was fantastic!


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    Echoing the above. Fantastic sculpts (fulfilled by Mierce), delivered early and with weekly updates provided by the creator throughout both previous projects. HPL/horror/post apocalypse/sci-fi fans should not miss this!



    Added in a freebie today for backers with the early bird and higher pledges


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