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Last chance to contact Prodos to get still outstanding AvP Kickstarter materials

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    I’ll believe it when I see it, it’s Prodos Games after all, but they just sent out a newsletter informing people there’s a two week window to get in touch with them to get those still missing Kickstarter rewards. And from what I gather, there’s still plenty of folks out there who have yet to receive their entire orders…….or even any of it.

    Now if only they’d actually mailed the people who backed the Kickstarter and not just sent out a general mailing list. >_<


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    To contrast Hephesto’s take, they sorted out the rest of my order a few months ago after I emailed them. It took a while, but I now have absolutely everything from my order, including the clear predators I ordered and forgot about. But this is the last chance so if you are someone who didn’t get part of your order, or even all of it, THIS IS IT guys.

    I remember from the older big thread some people were so sick of all the nonsense from the kickstarter, they said they just didn’t care any more and had given up. I’d urge you to send one more email, as it worked for me and even if you don’t want your game or models any more you will definitely be able to sell them on and get your money back. Any of the kickstarter exclusive models like the female predator, Berserker, and Lin and Dutch figures sell very well.

    Good luck peeps.


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    I hope the OTT team @brennon mention this cut off date, on the news part of the weekender as it’s important to let as many backers with outstanding orders to be informed.

    I was a backer and eventually got most of what I pledged for. I genuinely feel for those who have received little or nothing.



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    Cracking idea, that. Time to preach and spread the word!


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    Lo and behold! A smallish package arrived today with the outstanding bits! So that wraps the AvP kickstarter up for my part!


    …sender was “Archon Sp. z o.o.”  …I seem to remember someone over there categorically stating “we are not prodos” ;D



    Yeah I got this e-mail – I’m one of the Kickstarter backers who have never received anything. Having responded, I’m informed that my “AvP Kickstarter order is now being Shipment”, so fingers crossed!

    Pretty annoying that it’s over five years later than they estimated, but better late than never I guess XD

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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