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Looking for 1/56 ( 28mm ) POWs

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    I’ve decided to display my Bolt Action vehicles on road / street type diorama bases instead of cramming them side by side on my shelves . To add some visual interest I want to add some flat  building as a back drop and  figures in the fore ground . Various WW2 era civilians are easy to find , what I want are some defeated Germans similar to these !/35 scale Stalingrad Minatures .Anyone know of any company that has these type of figures ( plastic , metal , resin ) in 1/56 (28mm ) scale ?

    Stalingrad  German POWs



    the only company I know that does them is Black Tree Designs, but I know some people have had ongoing issues with them. I’ve always got my orders in reasonable time, but it’s a case of caveat emptor


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    eBob do some Allied prisoners for their “Great Escape” game ( WW2 – The Great Escape – eBob Miniatures ) And I “think Foundry also had some as well (Allied) for the Colditz board game. But indeed there doesn’t seem much (perhaps there might be some 3D printable minis out there?). It seems there isn’t much demand for “defeated” German minis (although there seems to be great demand for SS figures judging by the availability). Perhaps the only way you might be able to do it would be some kitbashing with some 28mm multipart plastics (although you’ll probably find there’s only one or two “poses” of the legs/torso in a more upright walking/marching pose (rather than the more dynamic action poses that make up the bulk of things in the Warlord plastic offerings)).

    It’s such a shame you didn’t go with 20mm (the “classic” scale for WW2 gaming), because AB miniatures (Eureka UK) has a LOAD of extremely good minis (complete with escorting guards) that would be perfect for what you are wanting to do. I think CP models has a few as well.



    Thanks guys . I’ll check them out

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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