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More MB-Ragnarok – Troops – Seers – Love the paint Job on this mini.

Home Forums News, Rumours & General Discussion More MB-Ragnarok – Troops – Seers – Love the paint Job on this mini.

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    Seer (Troop)

    Since the dawn of the Nine Worlds, all the clans of Midgard have seen the birth, especially among their women, of these auspicious experts in the magic of Seiðr.

    All peoples honor them with the title of Völva. The words of the Völur are strange, their looks are far away, they see the hidden things, in Midgard and elsewhere.
    Equipped with their wands fortified with secrets and spells, they know how to cast the runes and predict the fatal or happy fate that awaits all who ask.

    The gods themselves respect and fear their talents. Such is the case for the noble Odin, as we learn from the Völupsa or Song of the prophetess. Many times, he descended to Midgard to consult the most gifted Volür.
    And his power increased, when he received from their mouths the wisdom of the past, the vision of the present, but also the sad prophecy of the end, when the horns of the Ragnarök will sound for the ultimate battle where the gods will perish. So, it is Whispers of fate: they who lift the veil of the future does so at their own risk!
    In Mythic Battles Ragnarök, these magicians support armies, outstripping enemies with their movement skills. They also know how to offer their gods their visions of battle, in a last burst at the moment of death: Each time their troop is destroyed, their divinity can, if they wish, draw the first card of their deck and add it to their hand.
    Thus, sage is the one who heeds these ancient and powerful women!Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 09.50.40Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 09.51.04Volur 2



    Just beautiful!  I have been waiting for this kickstarter!!!

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