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Necromunda: Dark Uprising pricing

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    Preorders for Necromunda: Dark Uprising have just gone live in New Zealand as I write this…

    It’s $578.

    Using the “Buy foreign cash” exchange rate of 0.4883, that equates to 282.24 pounds.

    I was defending the price and concept of Necromunda: Dark Uprising earlier in the week, thinking that it was more of a BMW that a VW Golf…


    Not sure that I can do that anymore.  But I suppose I’ve never really been in the market for a Beamer anyway.




    Don’t get too hemmed up by the price of the Necromunda set, just do what I do: Take that money you would spend on Dark Uprising, and buy three Kickstarters. And then never worry about what GW is doing again.



    Hey @hobbyhub something I e been wondering for a while: does NZ GW stock ordered direct ship from within NZ or from Oz?



    Did see an unboxing video today, the paper mat is a real disappointment (if only they had put the plastic tiles in the box I don’t think anyone would be moaning as much about the price), and the regional pricing seems ridiculous in it’s disparity.

    One good/bad thing however is the Uprising Campaign does seem (from a narrative aspect) to be rather “stand alone” and is really geared towards Enforcer vs Corpse Grinders (the other gangs just don’t seem to fit in as well). So if your main focus is on classic Necromunda and the house gangs it’s one campaign you don’t have to worry about (as the narrative is about the downfall of a Hive and it’s eventual destruction).

    Probably better to spend your money (if you want the classic game) on some nice MDF scenery instead as the new box only gives you 2 by 2 feet of terrain.

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    Hey @rayzryr, I’m pretty sure (say 70%) they ship from Auckland.



    I’m onboard with @frankelee on the MDF investment instead of the box set. You’d be better served with the terrain instead of the extra shiny bits of dice and card as well as the limiting factor of the Corpse Grinders and Palantines. With all the variety of useful terrain, should you also play games like Infinity or Kill Team, you’re more likely to be using the terrain instead of shoving into a box and dragging out from time to time.




    I just got two boxes of Battle Systems Frontier sets, it’s not ideal (as the walls aren’t thick), but you don’t have to paint up the stuff (like MDF).

    Apparently in the last news letter they said they are planning on a Black Friday sale (so that might help offset the shipping), and two boxes would give you a dense 3×3 set up (although the mats are 2 by 2). But it would certainly be also ideal for Infinity games as well (plus the Alien Infestation setis a must buy for Necromunda players as it really gives the table a “overgrown/abandoned” feel).

    Depends how much you want the Uprising campaign at the end of the day, after the unboxing I felt it looked really good BUT also seemed very “stand alone” vs the classic house gang campaign (I mean everyone reverting to cannibalism isn’t something that’s everyday even in Necromunda). So I don’t feel as bad about missing out on this one 🙂

    I see the nearest Battle Systems Stockist is in Singapore, but you could always see if your local FLGS is interested in stocking their stuff I guess (although what the retail price would be I don’t know, but I don’t think Battle System even has regional pricing)


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    MDF and such might be cheaper, but you’re ignoring the convenience factor and the brand name …

    yes, it is expensive.
    but you do get everything in a single box. Get some basic plastic glue and tools and you’re ready to play in a weekend.

    The few FLGS I know only stock GW, Flames of War, Bolt-action and a bit of Star Wars Xwing.
    Terrain is limited to whatever GW produces and the recent terrain crates.

    It sucks, because I know there’s more out there (Battle system, TTCombat and 4Ground).



    There is nothing convenient about spending $490 on a starter kit that requires me to buy more terrain (if I wanna game outside the box scenarios), and at least two more $80 books to be able to have the actual complete set of game rules.



    Well the whole piece meal thing with Necromunda is a complete nightmare. The fact that GW went with releasing a book of rules for each gang (rather than putting them in the original rulebook) just made for LOADS of rules “bloat” (as they padded out the books to make them of a reasonable size), along with the FOMO tactics cards (the rules are only available on the cards and not available in the rulebooks).

    So when you went to buy a gang, you not only had to buy the box of minis but the additional rulebook AND cards to get the rules to play with the gang (along with the core rules in the box set). And even after releasing the Gang compendium (bringing all the gang rules together and all the errata) GW are continuing on this “Box of minis, Separate rulebook, Tactic Cards” marketing to sell you heaps of stuff (the fact you need to spend more on the rules than the mini themselves just shows how out of control it’s gotten).

    I remember the days of “old” Necromunda when you got a COMPLETE set of rules in the box set, and then could just buy the minis as you wanted. They then released a second book with heaps of other gangs but that was it.

    It’s the same marketing with Adepticus Titanicus and to an extent 40K (putting out the rules in faction books, limited release FOMO cards etc). But “why” can’t GW just release a set of rules for a game without all the parcelling out everything piecemeal?

    Basically when you’re spending more on the rules for a game than on the minis….it’s gotten out of control 🙁

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    I wanted the box set when I saw it previewed as I’ve been meaning to get into Necromunda since it was re-released. I wasn’t too chuffed about the pricing but managed to pick it up from another retailer with 20% off plus another 5% personal discount code I had, added some ZM tile boxes and still ended up spending north of £200. With the sisters boxset coming next week it’s going to be an expensive month!



    Well it’s a good buy for a new player (as you’re not rebuying anything to access the Uprising Campaign). Keep an eye out for ANY of the Gang Tactics cards as well (in case you expand out to the classic house gangs later), if you see them at RRP just buy them.

    For rules for the House Gangs you’ll need the (N19) Hardback Rulebook and the Gangs of the Underhive book. The other two hardback books are more optional (although the Misrule book has a campaign as well), but I’d imagine your first rules purchase might be the Book of Ruin to expand the gameplay for your Dark Uprising Box.

    But most games of Necromunda are usually played on a 3×3 or 4×4 map, so trying to make and cover a map that big is going to get real expensive using the plastic terrain.

    Of course the “sensible” way would be to treat this as a stand alone game and just keep it with the box set (and possibly the Book of Ruin) and just play the Uprising campaign and not worry about all the other stuff (and then move on with your purchasing money for something else). Hope you enjoy the game 🙂



    I think GW are getting away with murder based on current releases. The degree to which they are trading on a name is insane.

    Ultimately their prices are a product of feeding their corporate machine and, for me at least, can no longer be explained by any “quality premium” that may have been the case 10+ years ago.

    If you compare the gaming time, flexibility in purchases and amount of stuff you can get for this price ticket against another warband sized progressive narrative game e. g. Frostgrave, then it’s piss poor value.

    Throwing in the ‘it’s all in one box’ convenience argument, isn’t defensible. If you don’t like sourcing miniatures, terrain, token sets and other things separately then buy 2-3 big box board games with minis instead. For the price of this product I could buy Big Trouble in Little China, Zombiecide, Lord of the Rings Journey’s in Middle Earth etc…

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    Well that’s the issue here, it’s not even “it’s all in one box” these days (instead the rules are spread over 5 books and 11 card decks). I wouldn’t mind so much on the price if it WAS all in one box 😀


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