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New Warcry Starter Collection

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    This is sure to make some people upset, I think including me…

    Up for preorder this Saturday is the new Warcry Starter Collection, presumably to replace the starter box set. And this is the first I’ve heard of this new item.

    It’s $301 NZ, I think the starter box was $280. (EDIT: Nope, I was wrong, it’s $330.)

    It seems to have everything from the starter box, bar the two warbands and any dice, range ruler.

    Link here.


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    @hobbyhub : those prices are insane …

    I’m not surprised that there is a new starter set, because it’s almost Christmas and that is the time to launch new toys.
    I was not expecting it to be the same as the original minus the warbands though.



    Wow….what an absolute rip off.

    It can’t even be called a starter set as it doesn’t contain what you need to start playing!

    This is a massive middle finger. Who would buy this? Who would by this at that price? Is it April fools already? Utter madness.



    I t hasn’t replaced the Starter Set.

    It is called a “Starter Collection” whatever that means. Not my sort of thing and I’m not even mad just confused as to why anyone at GW HQ thought this would be a good idea.



    @elessar2590 I think the reasoning is that GW has announced it isn’t going to reprint the Warcry starter box.

    Once it has sold out, it’s gone – building on FOMO.

    This is a smaller set that allows the customer to buy the warbands that they want, or an AoS player to use the figures they already have, and buy the upcoming book that replaces the unit cards.

    At this point, along with what they are trying with Necromunda: Dark Uprising, I think GW are just experimenting with various sales strategies with the Forge World games, to see if they can find an optimal model to use for the FW/Boxed Game range going forward.

    This could be why they have yet to redo Battlefleet Gothic

    Lots of people are asking for it but I think GW are looking for this optimal release strategy before they go for what could very well be their biggest Boxed Game.

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    Thanks @hobbyhub I hadn’t heard that.

    “It’s a smaller set for you guys to make it easier”

    “Yeah but it’s like $20 cheaper and we get less than half the content”

    “Right smaller”

    Not sure how it let’s you buy the warbands you want you could already do that now you just don’t get any starter warbands for basically the same price.

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    @elessar2590 – sorry, I probably wasn’t quite as clear as I could have been.

    It doesn’t include the warbands.

    What I meant to say is that some people might not have wanted the warbands the starter set included.  Thus they would have to find someone to buy them…



    I do find it interesting that GW still have a starter set for Kill Team.  They did change the contents but then most of the frames weren’t new for that set, unlike Warcry.



    It’s 92 quid, and even if UK customers are probably getting it cheaper than anyone else….that’s WAYYYY too much (for what you get). Now granted this could be a GOOD idea (as it lets you buy the two “starter” gangs of your choice rather than having to take what GW choose), but good ideas aside…..if your going to charge that much for an incomplete game?

    GW seem to be really going for “nickel and diming” customers at the moment. Their marketing seems to revolve around putting out everything piecemeal and using FOMO to drive sales on these individual parts by doing “limited” runs of everything (as they have done with the Warcry Starter set). But you’re wasting time debating the price, if you don’t move fast you’ll not have the option to buy it soon 😛



    Maybe the entire premise here is not quite as OP assumes?

    As I understand it, most or all items called “collection” in the GW online store are different existing (or new release) sets that bundled together for sale in the online store, and not nessecarily a general release item. And often these bundles are not sold at any discount, they are just bundles made for shopper’s convenience.

    I might well be wrong.





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