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Not what I intended on painting today

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    My wife recently cracked a rib during a 10k cross country run which has not been very nice for her at all. So when she said there is a family 5k this weekend called the Colour Run and would I run with the kids I, of course, had to step up.

    So with a combination of Running, Jogging, Walking we got around the course today and caused quite a mess. As the title said I did want to do some painting today but this was not quite what I had in mind.




    Great job matey, way to step up to the plate. Pink and blue are definitely your colours

    often thought about doing a colour run…then I think about running and I sit back down again 😉



    That looks like a lot of  fun .    So to finish of the figures ,  are you going to use , a GW Nuln Oil wash or maybe a Army Color strong tone dip ? Or better yet soap & water



    That looks like loads of fun, good on you for stepping up for the kids, it’s all about keeping them happy and there are far too many these days who would think “that’s the Mrs job” and not gone so again good on you for stepping up


    Lets hope you don’t need those clothes again 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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