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Old PLOGs – Gone forever?

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    I had some PLOGs that were still in Progress at the time of the switch. Are they coming back later? Or are they gone for good?



    From what I understand (and I think BoW team members have confirmed this in a few other threads), they will be coming back, but as a “read-only” browsable archive. So you should be able to find stuff, and link it, but not add to the old posts.



    Exactly that, once we have the teething troubles ironed out archive is the next job which will be a read-only archive of the old forums, we did try to port them across but after 2 months of solidly trying to get them into the new format the best id managed was post text only without images.


    In the mean time I would suggest creating a new project and creating a place holder post to put a link in to the original plog when the archive is online,

    In fact I will go one step further and add to the tweak list a field in project creation to link to original plogs to and commit to putting it online with the archive


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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