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Punkapocalyptic. New minis and special discounts

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    The Freak Wars Online are just around the corner, and although we won’t be able to see each other’s faces, like every year you will have news and offers from Punkapocalyptic.

    We’ll start with the offers. From today, 10th of September until Monday 14th of September you will have available several codes that depend on what you want to spend in our online store:

    Code freak15: 15% discount regardless of the amount.
    Code freak20: 20% discount on purchases over 40 euros.
    Code freak25: 25% discount on purchases over 80 euros.

    And of course there are the novelties, which will go on sale in our online store at the same time as the discounts.

    The first novelty is a completely new miniature, which has not even been in the last KS. A new Ember with flamethrower for the Black Blood Children.


    And finally the first five miniatures of the new Amok faction will be on sale to everyone. Both together in the Starter Pack, and individually.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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