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Querion's renewed journey into painting

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    Hello everyone,

    some of you might still remember me from ages past and the old forum. Just an explanation first, some illness and tradgedy in my closest family made me fall from the earth and out of the hobby for almost a year, and sadly away from this awesome site and community too.

    I needed time to find myself again, but now i’m slowly getting back into the hobby, so i thought this was the right time to start posting here again. Maybe i’ll update this thread with some of my older stuff too, just to have it in one place, but mainly i want to focus on current projects and what i’m doing now and in the future. Well since i need to get my groove back i’ll start slow with maybe just an hour of painting a day, and i’m not the fastest painter, so updates might take some time.

    Enough of all the words, time to show you what i did to get back into gear:


    This one was just for fun and to see how much i lost during my time out, a quick conversion of Neeva Blacktalon (Age of Sigmar) with the head from one of the Daughters of Khaine i had still in my bits box. Far from my best work, but it made me realise that this hobby still had a lot of fun to give.


    After i finished with her i did a rather rushed entry for a monthly panting challenge in my local Games Workshop-Store. The theme for last month was a five man squad and i painted my entry in about 5 days, and that is rather fast for myself. So here is my five … well five women squad:

    Khinerai 1 (1)Khinerai 3 (1)Khinerai 2 (1)Khinerai 5 (1)Khinerai 4 (1)

    i was rather surprised that i managed to get the first place with them, i see all the flaws and spots where i need to be more careful and take more time. But i guess it was a good start back into the hobby.


    Before all the drama stormed into my life i was painting the contents of the Dreadfleet boxed game for a friend, and as great friends are he gave me all the time i needed and didn’t ask for his stuff back or tried to rush me back into things. But because he is such a great friend for the foreseeable future i will focus my painting time on his stuff, so expect a lot of ships and islands for now. (Well and maybe a little bit for some painting challenges if the topic gets my inspiration running.)


    And just to close the first post in this thread, here is what i managed to finish for Dreadfleet so far:DSCF0679DSCF0678DSCF0680DSCF0681

    Please keep in mind that i’m painting them how he want’s them to look … but i’m thinking about starting a project for this … well … project, what do you guys think?

    Oh and comments, feedback, critique and questions are very welcome, i’m just happy that i’m back here again



    At the moment i’m working on an idea that i just couldn’t get our of my head thanks to the upcoming orctober. The Warchanter from the Ironjawz-range from GW to me looks like he could be hiting on one of those giant oriental drums … so i just had to try and build me one of those. And since i had to order the warchanter himself and he isn’t here yet i worked on the drum a bit more.

    Here’s what i started with:


    From there i managed to build this:


    After hitting it with a bit of paint:


    At the moment i’m working on the waaagh-energy seeping through all the seams with every drum beat:


    oh and a quick size comparison with one regular infinity mini and a primaris space marine:




    Sorry to hear you’ve been having a tough time Querion. Cracking return and I like the idea for the war drum.



    Om loving the use of reds and blues and your work. Its great to have you back on the forum. Sorry to hear about your personal tragedies.



    @seldon9 and @mage thanks guys, it’s good to be back!


    I just finished my Wardrum-project, know the orks that have to carry it around, the drumer and the leader are all finished.

    The Leader:

    Leader (1)Leader (2)Leader (3)

    Drumboy 1

    Carry 1 (1)Carry 1 (2)

    Drumboy 2:

    carry 2 (2)carry 2 (1)

    Drumboy 3:

    carry 3 (2)carry 3 (1)carry 3 (3)

    And last but not least the Wardrumer himself (aka Orruk Warchanter):

    Drumer (1)Drumer (2)Drumer (3)Drumer (4)



    And of course all together:

    group (2)group (1)group (3)group (4)

    And the Drum:

    drum (1)drum (2)drum (3)



    Man I am loving this.



    Welcome back, querion.  Your work and input was greatly missed.  Head on over to the Project Blogs and set one up to show off your efforts. More people should get a chance to see your return and nice paint jobs.



    This stuffs great.

    Think you should do a project. I’d follow it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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