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    Since nature’s Spring starts tomorrow (Imbolc), I have added a Spring-themed Elf from Nolzur’s D&D line to the lineup, says the mini is primed and ready on the blister.

    Well, I suppose it is if you don’t mind mold lines. Turns out this little guy actually consists of 4 separate pieces – body & base, head & cloak, bow & quiver, arms & weapon – and each one of them has a fairly substantial mold line running all around it, so you have 4 mold lines running in 4 different directions, on an assembled mini. Pretty hard to get to some of them because of the ‘deep cuts’ feature, which is advertised as making the figure easier to paint, but actually does the opposite.  Had the figure come unassembled or as parts on a sprue, I would have probably painted each part separately or only attached the bow & quiver to the body, leaving head & cloak as well as arms & weapon separate, asse,bling the whole thing only when already almost fully painted.

    Fortunately, the plastic is soft and cuts very easily, but he will of colurse need to be re-primed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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