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Small play area games?

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    Looking for some advice as just don’t have the space for big games more so looking for something that plays on a small area like kill team or warcry but non gw?


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    Have a peek at Deadzone.

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    Pretty much anything fantasy-football, Frostgrave, Mordheim, Infinity, Strontium Dog, 7TV, Pulp Alley, Gangs of Rome, KoW Vanguard, Freebooter’s Fate.


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    Relicblade is a great fantasy skirmish game, played on a 2’x2′ play area. You’ve got three-six models per side too. is the place to go. It’s all created by one guy, Sean Sutter, artist, sculptor, ruleswriter, quality control, packer and shipper, all in one!

    It’s the one game I’d bring to a deserted island!


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    Also worth mentioning :

    • walking dead : all out war (mantic)
    • guild ball
    • corespace
    • zombicide

    And pretty much any boardgame …


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    DBA and Hordes of the Things   are played 2×2 boards. Each army is 12 bases of 40×20 bases



    Have you looked at the Command and Colors series of games? If you don’t like the blocks then you could substitute them for miniatures.

    Relicblade and Bushido are both hero scale 28 – 32mm games that are both played on 24” x 24” play area.





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    X-Wing, Star Wars Armada, Blood Bowl, Tanks. And I think Freebooters Fate is a 3’x3′ too. Battletech can be played on rather small fields as well.


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    Think everyone has you covered for the boxed games (second the recommendation for Core Space), another option is to look at 6mm gaming. You can fight most battles on a 3X2 table, and “if” things should change, or you want to do a BIG game you’ve always got the option to increase the size of the armies and play on a 6X4 table. Ancients up to Black Powder traditionally have shorter ranges, so I’d go for those periods and look a Baccus as a starting point (or Pendraken for 10mm if your eyesight is like mine and you would struggle with painting the 6mm). Baccus also have some great starter sets complete with rules if you are in a hurry and just want to do a one click purchase.


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    You could try Malifaux. 1 metre square playing area plus you’ll need space for the cards. Definitely not GW.


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    Warhammer Underworlds: good quality plastic miniatures, decent rule system and small play area with good gameplay. Starter set isn’t crazily priced, with a deck building element too


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    Batman miniatures game is played on 3×3

    Need some side space for cards but not much. Also its a great game.



    DnD from 3.5 to 5th edition. Ion Age and Firefight by Alternative Armies might be worth a look:

    But in all honesty their are tons of “handful of minis on a small table” rulesets out there you should shop around and read a few reviews, I would start by looking here:

    And you should check the free section, there are more then a few games in the free section that are small warband or one on one duels/street fights, there are even a few in there where they recommend using 5″ action figures (I think there is one called Gachapon that’s basically Street Fighter the Action figure table top game)

    the only thing I would add to that is that Two Hour Wargames  has some interesting free rulesets worth checking out, Osprey tends to have good rulesets people actually play (Frosthgrave), long time or prominent miniature makers like Em4 and Reaper often have skirmish rules,  and Ganesha Games specializes in smaller warband games as far as fantasy and SF go, also flat printable PDF maps are your friend when it comes to space so check out Dramascape and Fat Dragon maps.

    Edit: Oh, and you may want to check out the mecha genre games like Heavy Gear, Battletech, and (if your not afraid of being labeled) Mekton, as they all have rules for small action and take less space due to the smaller scale of the miniatures used. There are even fantasy variants (I think Mekton even has an Aura Battler ruleset variant out there).

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    • This reply was modified 7 months, 3 weeks ago by  bvandewalker.


    Oh, I just noticed no one mentioned Warmachine/Hordes, I am pretty sure that is a small area game, or can be played that way.

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