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Some simply stunning Napoleonic Wurttemburg troops on Kickstarter

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    Got to admit these are up there with the Perrys for detail and animation/posing. Available in 28mm metal AND (perhaps more importantly for those with a 3D printer) STL files.

    The Price of Crowns by Lucas Luber – Piano Wargames — Kickstarter

    They are for the 1809 campaign, but could be used for 1812/13 (just swap out the Grenadier figures for normal line troopers). Got to admit IF I had a resin 3D printer I’d be looking at printing them out in 15/18mm (dare I say it, but they are in direct competition with Mr Barton’s sculpts (AB Miniatures), and that’s something I don’t say lightly.


    But take a look, I’m hoping we might see the Artillery (and crews and limbers), and perhaps the cavalry regiments later on via another Kickstarter. If I was playing in 28mm for my Napoleonic games I’d be buying LOADS (the Light Infantry are nice and the Jagers are SUPERB)


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    I’ve seen that one today on my KS app… the minis do look very nice and scale great to Perrys


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    They are a stunning range and not badly priced for the physical copies either. It’s also really nice to see him being mindful of overpromising. The most recent update lays out nicely that this is about being a well run KS rather than saying whatever he can to get the most money possible

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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