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Special things in the PoS (Pile of Shame)

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    I wonder how everybody deals with the following:

    My PoS is divided in several “smaller piles”

    • Things (minis and terrain) for games I’m currently playing
    • Things (minis and terrain) for gamesI have played and may play again
    • Things (minis and terrain) for display
    • Things (minis and terrain) for games that are OOP and nobody plays them anymore.

    My question aims for the last point. I have Judge Dredd miniatures, Celtos and Fantacide. Leaving Dredd outside the discussion (because it would also look cool on display) what should I do with Celtos and Fantacide? It feels like a waste of time painting miniatures for systems that are no longer played. If I were to play some sort of Fantasy Wargaming I could us Celtos but I don’t. So where is the point? It feels especially bad for the Fantacide minis because they are winged apes! Who has winged apes?!

    Should I let them just sit there? Paint them anyway? Gift them away? Sell them? Or throw them in the bin? How do you deal with this?



    You organise your POS?!??!?!?

    God I’m a sucker for German efficiency 😉 lol


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    I find the the easiest and best way is to ignore it all and do nothing .




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    @warzan only in my mind. Not physically… well aside from all Celtos being in one box but I recon most people sort by system.. don’t they?

    @torros easiest for sure but I’m running really *really* low on space.


    CoG Member

    If you have any love left in your heart for the minis in question, you should set them free.


    CoG Member

    @maledrakh so bin them? sell them? gift them? throw them at random strangers?


    CoG Member

    Any of the above, execpt not to bin them. That would be a sin.

    I am sure alot of people will appreciate the minis, especially if the prices are not “rare and vintage, pro painted” premium as almost everything on Ebay tries to pass itself off as these days.

    Maybe try a post for sale in the backstage bazaar?  If money is not too important too you and you can’t be bothered to sort and present, just spread them on a sheet of paper, take a few pictures and say “grab bag of older minis” at some nominal price plus postage costs so you at least are not out of pocket.

    I would advise against posting ads for them as “free minis” to random people, as my experience is that random people tend to get greedy when stuff is free and that is often ugly to see. Better to charge a small nomial price in the community. At least then the chance of the minis actually being appreciated by the buyer (and not just destined to be flipped by some scalper) is higher.

    Or maybe there is a club close to you that might appreciate some free minis and you don’t have to muck about with the mail?

    Or….what about the new On Table Top ebay store?  Will they be accepting donations? In which case, you get rid of the minis, OTT might make some proceeds which would go both to keeping Warren in Relentless and the charity of the day?


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    Winged Apes?  I need some of those!  Point me in the direction of these minis.  Or sell them to someone interested.


    I’m intrigued.


    CoG Member

    Just google “fantacide miniature” and the link to the old Kickstarterpage will pop up 😉


    CoG Member

    My PoS became a spreadsheet…
    with a column for each game…
    sorted in “priority” order for that game…
    stuff would get added when I bought stuff and removed when painted (buying of course unfortunately outweighed the painted)

    I’ve now got the stage were there is stuff on there that I know will never get touched and it’s probably time for a bit of a clearout (much to my wife’s joy). Those entire armies that never got painted for a game you wanted to try and failed, those KS that lost interest, the random bits picked up at events… the pile forever grows…
    Of course selling it all will bring back more cash to fund more minis… so the cycle continues…


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    We have two piles in our house:

    The pile of shame – the mountain of unpainted miniatures.

    The pile of humiliation – the mountain of unopened boxes of miniatures.


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    I try not to let my pile get too big – I go through once a year or so and try (Not always successfully!!) to be ruthless. I’d rather minis went to someone who’ll use them rather than sit in my box room. Tough call when it is games that are not played by anyone. Maybe find an rpg group to donate them to? I have a group of friends who are playing with plastic counters for their battle mats and the temptation to start throwing random minus their way is taking over me these days 😂


    CoG Member

    in my pile of shame I have

    a company of dark angels (70% painted)

    all the walking dead all out war models (30 walkers painted)

    15% of the imperial assault stuff (just some newer items left now)

    7 models from Star Wars legion (the latest releases and an ATRT)

    masons guildball team


    If I’m big into a game like IA I do my best to keep on top of the painting. I enjoy it but don’t always get time to sort it what with my other 5 hobbies. Legion has taken too much of my painting time recently, which is fine as it means that’s not added to the shame.

    the biggest shame in my list is TWD stuff. That game is really fun but I rarely play it sadly as its died off locally in favour of other things.


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    Umm… my POS is organised into labelled boxes… “Undead”, “Monsters/Demons”, “Skaven”… Kingdom Death currently takes two large boxes… Dark Angels more than that…

    I would suggest looking for a Facebook trading group as well as trying eBay.


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    *ignores pile of shame*


    Everything is great!


    *disappears into corner, hides in fetal position*

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