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Speedpaints 2.0 have arrived

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    I ordered the new Speedpaint Complete Set and it has arrived.  There are now 99 colours (from 23 in the original set) including 10 metallics.  Here are some unboxing images:20230607_162049041_iOS (2)

    20230607_162132643_iOS (2)

    20230607_162325312_iOS (2)

    Looks like a great set, you get loads for the money so it’s great value.  I’m really looking forward to using them after having had some good success with the first release.

    One slight disappointment was exactly how much plastic (and air) there is in this box.  I appreciate it looks impressive on the shelf and it certainly costs a lot of money, but I for one don’t need a huge box full of plastic in addition to my paints.  I know paint is expensive to make so I think it might be okay to pack it into a smaller box and still charge me the same money.  I certainly don’t need the mostly empty plastic trays (eleven of them) and a plastic box which only held a big bottle (that doesn’t fit properly inside) and three bushes.

    The contents is about a third the size of the box.  And the plastic pile is big (225mm x 140mm x 80mm) even when stacked inside each other.

    20230607_163208732_iOS (2)

    20230607_163220557_iOS (2)

    Please can you try a bit harder Army Painter.

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    From online reviews it seems the reactivation problem has been (mostly) solved.



    Looking forward to hearing what you think of the paints!

    Still using colored primers, craft paints, and whatever hobby paints I picked up sale, plus too much brown and dark wash. 😛

    With all that plastic holding the droppers, you’d think they’d design a paint holder. Say, something that holds five bottles vertically on your desk. Well, plastic trays are useful to keep drying models from sticking to the paper towels on the desk…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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