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Stark white stormtroopers

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    Hey guys! Haven’t posted in the forums in a long while! Whoa this is refreshing!

    So I went and got a new job (video editor at a video game news company 👌 bliss) and I needed some desk toys to fit in with the rest of my fellow geeks n nerds.

    Here is a log for you guys but it won’t be beefy. This is a simple one:


    The plan was to make solid white, shiny stormtroopers.

    I used an airbrush to get this solid coat. I think a spray can with fine, controlled bursts will get you to this solid colour too. The paint is model colour white 70.951.

    Originally i was building up from a grey to get a good highlight to the armour, it looked good but it looked like a miniature, not a stormtrooper…. so solid white just seemed more sensible.

    Step 2! Put some black on it! Using game colour black 72.051! Also, the pauldren (spelling?) Is orange fire 72.008 with a tiny bit of hull red 70.985. The back of the heaby weapon has a little turquoise 70.966…..thats it mainly….


    Now it gets alittle weird…. I’ve not painted in a year or so…. (this is important in highlighting this happy mistake) and i decided, hey! Lets gloss these boys in white! So I grabbed a pot of clear liquid and started slapping it on. Turns out its lahmian medium…. and it dried matte and its kind of nice. When you see them in person, they look like they are made of icing…..

    I intend to gloss them today so I will update this evening if the lighting is good enough

    As for basing, i intend to just paint them grey. I’m hoping to find some reflective black bases to look like a star destroyer landing bay but that will probably take a while to figure out.


    Ive seen alot of stormtroopers being painted and for me, this is the best style for me. I like my boys in white to be clean and well presented. Just incase the emperor is coming by and nothing is cleaner than flat, unadulterated white.

    To cap this off for today, here they are running away:




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    • This topic was modified 8 months ago by  redyeti.


    Sometimes it’s nice to go classic 🙂



    Very nice . I’m think this is how I’m going to paint my storm troopers , simple but very effective ,  Trust me , I need simple …



    I think a white spray can should get the same flat coverage if you don’t have an airbrush. Patience is something I don’t have but I had to muster it to get the layers of white to dry before adding more 😂

    I didnt intend to buy more than this but the core set went straight on the christmas list once I opened this box…. glad I went simple too!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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