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    Andrés Pérez Camarasa

    Hello and congrats to all the Beasts of War team responsible for the 2.0, It looks sweet! A lot will change and adjust with time, but right now I like what I see and I like what I might see ^_^

    But I have a suggestion: when adding a new profile or cover image, the optimal size of the image is only told after I have upload something. I know I’m nitpicking, but I think it should say what size and weight the images are best before the upload, so we can edit them beforehand.

    Thanks for all the work you are doing!



    I support this! Image restrictions should be told before the upload… saves everybody time and bandwidth.



    Same applies to the cover image … with the additional ‘bug’ that the size mentioned weird (minimum 0 px wide and 200 tall)

    I guess it is missing info for the latter feature.



    This really caught me out using Safari on MacBook, because it did give an error (which I could tell by the red bar, and no image change) but the error text was offscreen somewhere, and no scrollbar could reveal it!

    Pretty sure it was the error because my old profile photo was very small, but switching to a bigger image worked right away.



    will add it to the tweaks/bugs list

    there are some oddities with how profile images are handled compared to images on the rest of the site…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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