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    I’m planning going to Europe in the summer of 2023 and want to visit Bovington , Saumur ,the beaches of Normandy , Munster and hopefully Kubinka   and maybe check out a few places like War Hammer World and Warlord Games . Does anyone in the forums know of any UK travel agent who specializes in this type of holiday ?  Thank you


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    I’ve heard of these guys before.  As with most of these you’ll probably need to get to the starting point of the tour yourself




    Thank you , that’s a great place to start . Most travel agents here in Canada have trips for the beaches and battle sites pertaining to Canadian forces , they don’t extend further afield  to German sites  or Russian tank museums which is one of my visit musts .

    As I’m pushing my mid 60s I figure I should go while I can still get around on my own feet , although my daughter says I could probably get to the front of the line at most museums if I was in a wheelchair . maybe I’ll rent one LOL

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    Me and my wife and a couple of American friends will hopefully heading back next summer


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    If your planning on visiting the Normandy beaches & battleground  I would strongly recommend this book ( see below) , its excellent and includes written tours of all the major landing sites and notable battles /objectives in the Normandy area. My own advice would be to rent a car and do it yourself, rent a hotel as home base and strike out each day as most of the major actions are all well within 1-2 hours drive or closer if you situate yourself centrally on the Normandy cost.

    The Visitor’s Guide to Normandy Landing Beaches: Memorials and Museums: Holt Tonie, Holt Valmai, Hunter Publishing: 9781556501913: Books




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    All of that in a single holiday ?

    Must admit that I’m tempted myself to do a UK-only visit of a few places, but I doubt I could fit even half of it in a two-week holiday.

    I’d also would like to remind you that there’s places in the Netherlands that might be worth a visit as well.
    The only downside is that you would have to plan the entire trip yourself.

    September might be a bit tricky to plan because of various events related to ‘Operation Market Garden’

    I’ve been to ‘Bevrijdende Vleugels’ (or “Wings of Liberation” in English) last year during their ‘Remember September’ event.
    It’s a tiny museum, but worth a visit during that event as there are more vehicles to see and all sort of military bits to buy if you want to.

    And if the Normandy graves weren’t impressive enough :


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    There is a US outfit called Geek Nation Tours that specialises in all things geek – tabletop gaming, comics, SF and fantasy.

    They have an upcoming tour to Nottingham UK (ie the lead belt) from June 22, 2023 (Thursday) to July 2, 2023 (Sunday),

    Even if you find them a bit pricey, they and their previous tours – they did one to Normandy – might help you sort out your own itinerary.  They may offer access to places or events that are otherwise near impossible to get to.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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