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The Battle of Fredericksburg

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    Recently we went to Entoyment FLGS where we took part in their Battle of Fredericksburg using Black Powder. It was a great table with lots of figures and more importantly poor dice rolling by me.

    If you are interested in a short video and write up then please feel free to click the link below.

    The Battle of Fredricksburg



    Sounds interesting, what were the changes Paul brought in?

    I’ve always thought that there needs to be more C&C, hail Caesar and BP both come from Warmaster and I think Warmaster is a superior game, adding it’s C&C back in makes it more interesting.

    The table looks fantastic, feel free to post holiday snaps from the battlefields 🙂



    Black Powder like Hail Ceaser always seem a little bland to me with an over reliance on special rules and too much hard work involved to make them fit the particular period  you want  to play

    The game looks fantastic and I love big multiplayer games but I think personally I would go with an alternative ruleset



    @torros @avernos thanks guys. But like I said in the post Black Powder is not a favourite of mine for some of the reasons you mention, but for this size of game it was the right choice and I could now see why the Perry’s and co play it .

    The basic amendments were using the Glory Hallelujah supplement, but the most interesting were the use of dice from the bag like bolt action for each brigade. This meant it really did put an ebb and flow mixed in with the command rolls to the turn. This is something I’ve been looking at trying myself before.

    The other addition was every time a unit receives 2 unsaved hits from a single shooting action then you had to roll on a bad things happen table like sharp practice. These events varied from the unit or brigade commander getting killed, your unit decides to move back to the nearest building searching for whiskey to your powder is damp from crossing the river.




    I’ll have to give it a watch when get home tonight.

    Actually visited the battlefield site about 5 years ago, when you see the hill rising up from the town you can understand the Union Troops problem, it was hard work walking up it without 60 odd lbs of kit with somebody shooting at you.

    @avernos it would remind you of the walk from OTT to the train station, would’nt be far off it.





    @bobcockayne we went to Historicon 3 years ago and while we were there we took in Fredericksburg. I really liked the old town and yes Marye’s Heights with the sunken road and wall was certainly something not to be missed.

    After that we went to Gettysburg and again I fell in love with that place. If I was going to retire anywhere then as I would look to live there. Even if your not interested in the Civil War the relaxed approach the town has fits the way I am as an Englishman.



    @avernos as promised mate, below is a link to our blog which follows each day of our American Civil War Battlefield self drive holiday recently.

    Each of the 15 days are listed with historical notes as well as photos and commentary of our visits to each battlefield. On the way we do take detours to other historical places which we had not planned, but glad we went. The photos in each of them is only a small amount of what we took.

    We hope you enjoy our 15 day journey as we did.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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