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    MYTHIC BATTLES: RAGNARÖK – Game Board: Vigrid
    Ragnarök follows the end of the Great Winter, culminating in a battle that will seal the fate of the Nine Worlds. Midgard will echo with clashing banners, the cries of warriors, bellowing hordes, the screech of steel, and the moans of the wounded. Humans, monsters, giants, the undead, and the gods will face each other on the icy stretches of the Vigrid Plain, a battlefield spanning a hundred leagues in every direction. According to the prophecies, the outcome of the Ultimate Battle seems to already be decided. And yet, strange runes burning with an ancient power have appeared across the Nine Worlds. Everyone now sees in them the hope of victory or the certainty of a cruel, merciless defeat.
    In Mythic Battles: Ragnarök, Vigrid is the most perilous board ever created. The icy stretches of polar terrain are already an ordeal for everyone. But the Primordial Fire blazing in Surt’s wake adds burns from lava-choked areas to the biting cold. Every single movement must be carefully calculated, as each one could prove to be fatal for you or your opponent. Will you be capable of bravely battling on the Vigrid Plain, or will you succumb to its horrors?
    Illustration by Georges Clarenko. Text by Nicolas Texier
    Mythic Battles: Ragnarök, March 23 on Kickstarter…

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