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    Lava Tokens_2

    Greetings, warriors of Midgard,
    We’re using this weekend to start previewing the Mythic Battles: Ragnarök expansions, beginning with some impressive pieces: the titans.


    Titans are often primordial or ancient beings, and always beings of disproportionate size. More powerful than the gods, they also tend to be more brutal, but not without strategy.

    Titans cost 8 to 10 points (compared to 6 on average for gods) and are the other type of unit that is considered a divinity and can command your army.

    MBR titans, including Ymir, each come with 5 activation cards, one more than the overwhelming majority of units, including gods. As an offset of a titan’s higher cost,  activation cards tend to come into your hand at a higher rate, ready for action.

    So, let’s take a look at the Lord of Muspellheim, the Fire Kingdom, for starters.

    Surt has the typical stats of the more martial titans: 9 combat and defence, 1 range and 2 movement. He also comes into play with an Art of War card to add to your deck.

    He is one of the few Fireproof creatures, which allows him to ignore the effect of Burning-type terrain. With his Block, Mighty Throw, and God Slayer talents, for his 8 recruitment point cost he comes fully equipped for both divine stone hunting and Aesir/Vanir hunting.

    His offensive power Burning Sweep costs two Art of War cards to carry out an area attack (8 dice maximum) in two areas in his surroundings.

    Enough to clean up, if you pay the price.

    But it’s his other active power, Muspell’s Braziers, that will allow you to set up traps or devious strategies, sometimes taking the risk of exposing yourself. For an Art of War card, Surt can place the two Muspell’s Braziers 3D tokens in his surroundings. These areas lose any existing 3D elements, any tokens present, and have their terrain type changed to Burning. Burning terrain (formerly Lava) automatically inflicts 1 wound on units that enter it, and that unit must then be moved to an area adjacent to the Burning area by their controller, which immediately ends any move they may be making.

    Cornering units, denying divine stones, preparing throws, forcing the enemy to get hurt to advance, the tokens’ uses are numerous as the terrain will remain like this until the end of the game (unless another unit changes the terrain type again).

    The Surt expansion comes with two scenarios. The first, “A World of Ashes“, is played on the Mimir’s Well board, where the union of Aesir and Vanir complicates Surt’s plans to burn down the Nine Worlds. Taking advantage of Mimir’s absence to join the fight, he travels to one of the roots of Yggdrasil to directly set fire to the center of the world, gathering the power of the glowing runes so that the tree burns down as he drinks from the divine source before it evaporates entirely.

    If he can channel his ritual long enough or with enough intensity, the world will perish in flames. The opposing Aesir and Vanir will have to break his ritual by killing him for good or by controlling the fire before Surt’s destructive fury comes over him. This desperate task has a chance of success, however, as the gods have managed to convert an ice jötunn to their cause, who will do his best to slow the Fire Lord’s advance.

    The other scenario will depend on which Stretch Goals are unlocked. We will try to incorporate as many Stretch Goals from the campaign as possible so that the expansion can be used in Adventure mode too.


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