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    ### Start of shameless copy & paste ###

    Read all of this before you start as it will save any trouble later.

    First thing you must do is make your “pledge”. It can be anything gaming related, big or small, and you don’t even have to finish it. No, in here, happiness is the road. Have fun doing whatever it is, but it is not a race. Accompany your work with pictures or we might think you are do something sinister and just using us for cover.

    You are also presented with a few questions. It is to get the conversation started. Try and keep your answers ‘conversational’, no text speak, and certainly no “basically”. This is how we all get to know each other better. While you are here feel free to tell us a story, show a picture, joke, tales of love or woe, or just add your own little bit. This is the whole point…in here it is just us.

    If you have never taken part before we may bark and bite, but we also like a cuddle! It is all done in the best possible taste and it is character building. feel free to give as good as you get.

    A few other things to note: NO RELIGION & NO POLITICS! Glasgow pub rules are in effect. If you need to make a better point then it is fine, but don’t take the piss. And always keep it civil.

    Play plenty of music to go with your work. Loud and through proper speakers. Write us a playlist of things we might not have heard before.

    Now, after all of that there is only one ‘real’ rule in here and it cannot be broken: NO DICKS! (Exceptions may be made for little fighting men with little plastic/resin/metal wieners)

    ### End of shameless copy & paste ###


    1. Why am I late with this?
    2. What have you been playing this week?
    3. What is the next event you’re look forward to?

    My answers:

    1. I wish I knew
    2. Star Wars Legion
    3. Day 2 of the Rally Point Qualifier that is tomorrow.
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    Morning @sundancer

    Thanks for firing up again mate 🙂

    Why am I late with this?

    I have a sneaking suspicion you have been delayed eating curryworst – either delayed eating it or delayed dealing with the repercussions of eating it… either way its all good mate 😉

    What have you been playing this week?

    I didn’t get a chance to play this week unfortunately, but im in this morning doing some basing experiments for the Fantasy Dwarf Army 🙂


    What is the next event you’re look forward to?

    God this one has me stumped… I’m sitting here wondering if I have turned full grognard this morning as I’m struggling to think of anything I’m looking forward to… – actually scratch that all is well as I have remembered about Legion Weekend – warm fuzzy feeling returns – that and the new movie with my kiddies is what I’m looking forward to 🙂


    This morning as I said im playing with bases. Trying a little experiment with contrast paints – not much liking the result at the moment though.


    While that dries i’m playing with the narrative of the big machine in the army.


    Thinking a kind of ‘Ancestor Engine’ could be cool – where the remains of a mighty dwarf embue (is that a word?) the machine with his powers.


    This morning I may need a bit of therapy lol



    The Ancestor Engine is coming along nicely. Maybe a bit more axes 🙂

    And I’m off for Day 2 of the tournament. Will read you again in 8’ish hours.



    Thanks @sundancer 🙂

    So I have base test done…



    Im just going to stare at them for a while (mainly to decide the rim colour) but I’m basically happy with those.


    So now Im playing with a bigger version of the base to see how it turns out. I want the ancestor engine to have a sense of movement about it so I’m looking at having it at a bit of a jaunty angle as if it’s bouncing around.



    Greetings all,
    time to get stuck back in! After a hobby hiatus, I take up my brushes once again.
    Many thanks to @sundancer for hosting!
    The pledge? Wood Elves and Space Marines. All shades of green… I’m slowly updating my Elven project. I’ll be watching Weekenders and painting soon.


    The Answers?
    1. Late? Or arriving just when needed?
    2. Well… regular Monday DnD has been postponed for another two weeks, though the schedule will be weekly when we return. Other than that, only a little Breath of the Wild on the Switch over the last two weekends.
    3. The next event I’m looking forward to will be Cancon in January… though it’s a dubious anticipation at best 😀 3 days in probably 40 degree heat, hosted in warehouse-sheds and poor AC hahaha!
    Seriously though, it should be fun. My mate Damian will be getting involved in the Infinity tourney, I’ll be hanging around soaking in the atmosphere really. I might wander around talking to some of the industry types and try and learn something.
    ooh, @warzan reminds me that the Legion weekend is coming up I need to buy my digital ticket etc (payday this week coming)… though I’ll mostly be working, I’m thinking of still trying to get involved a little…
    @warzan what’s your process with the basing there? It looks dark… ah ok I like the frosty look. The ancestor engine is a cool idea 😀 Yeah, the will of the ancestor imbues the machine with power… perhaps his stubborn refusal to die with his vengeance incomplete/ grudge outstanding?

    Went to YouTube to get music, found this instead…



    Can I say : Thank [insert favourite deity] for plastic ?

    I’ve had more than enough kickstarter packages to carry from pickup point to my home.
    My latest arrival (‘Arena: the Contest’) was +/- 12 Kilograms of plastic & cardboard.
    I don’t want to imagine what that would have been like if it had been metal … *eep*


    Top tip for any of us old folks :

    Best Camping Stools 2018 – Portable Stools Easy to Take Anywhere

    If I ever were to commit to a tournament something like that would be on my list of things I’d need, unless seating was guaranteed.

    On to the questions …

    > Why am I late with this?
    a pun wizard ™ is never late … he arrives when he needs to 😉

    > What have you been playing this week?
    A bit of Batman:Arkham Knight because that was one of the ‘free’ games in my PS+ subscription.
    And I must say that it is the worst of all the Batman video games.
    There’s a complete lack of incentive to do anything. It feels more like working through a checklist as opposed to ‘being batman’ which is what the previous games managed to do so well.
    I also have a distinct feeling it has terrible performance.

    > What is the next event you’re look forward to?
    That’d be ‘Spellenspektakel’ next week.
    It’s has become the biggest boardgaming event in the Netherlands.


    After that it’s the Star Wars hobby weekend …

    I wonder what the heck we paid for this time, maybe another exclusive t-shirt or CoG merchandise ? 😉




    Finally had  some good lighting in my room



    @limburger yeah, plastic is good for that…

    @tuffyears oh nice chaos! That Archaon never would’ve happened in metal…

    Are those chaos knights new? Or have they been around for a bit?



    @rayzryr they are Varanguard, like knights but on crack



    Back from the RPQ… with zero wins… bummer.

    But there is something that cheers me up. Revell is doing a very special model kit.


    I need this! 8)



    good to know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t win 😉

    129 Euros for an easy-build kit … that had better be a mistake. *eep*





    129 Euros for an easy-build kit … that had better be a mistake. *eep*

    nope… have you seen the size? It’s almost half a meter long. That thing is BIG! (way to big for Legion). It’s 1:29 scale.



    Taking a break from project craziness and cleaning my hobby desk. Yes, it can happen. I saw what is a true creation of Chaos.




    Thomas the Terror-engine XD



    someone built a Thomas the terror engine that had a built in flame thrower

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