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War of the Ring 2000 Points

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    A friend and I had a game of War of the Ring the old Mass Battle rules for Lord of the Rings. These were put out by GW in 2008 and use normal LOTR minis on sabot bases.

    I had Rohan v my friends Isenguard.

    He won 13-12, very fun game and it felt good to finally use my Rohan after spending all that time painting over 80 Cavalry.



    This is ever so awesome. I enjoy seeing one of my favourite games played, just like MESBG. Maybe next time you can make us another gift by doing a battle report.


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    Very cool. Not often you see people playing War of the Ring or the Battle of the Five Armies.


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    That looks fantastic!

    I loved that game. It’s a shame it didn’t take off. I think GW dropped the ball with the army lists which ended up with people fighting lopsided battles dominated by magic, etc. rather than what could have been very thematic battles if only they’d toned things down a bit.

    Please post more photos of future battles!


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    What an epic battle.  Eye candy at it’s best.  Wish I was a fly on the wall that day.


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    @angelicdespot that’s exactly what happened. We have some rules to stop it. 1 Hero or Legendary Unit per 700 Points and 1 magic caster max per 2000. That tends to fix most issues.

    In the next few weeks we want to refight the Ford’s of Isen which is going to look amazing and I’ll write a short batrep for it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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