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Warhammer Quest – New game returning..!!!!!!! Yes Breaking news

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    Cursed City

    In the decaying city of Ulfenkarn, a band of heroes rise to topple an undead tyrant. Dare you enter the Cursed City?

    Speaking of vampires, an epic new Warhammer Quest game brings even more bloodsuckers to the Mortal Realms. If you and your friends have already defeated the Silver Tower and the Blackstone Fortress, you’ll find an exciting challenge ahead as you embark on the most dangerous quest yet, into the cursed city of Ulfenkarn.

    With a revised and refined rules system and models that you’ve never dreamed of, we’re going to stick our necks out (not usually a good idea in Ulfenkarn) and say that the new Warhammer Quest might just be the best game-in-a-box that the fine folks at the Warhammer Studio have ever made


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    Be really nice if GW also released the first two Warhammer Quests on their “made to order” scheme as well (with all the extras released outside of the core box). That’s my only issue with these boxed games from GW that you have a finite window to get into and purchase these things (and due to all the extras each one is a considerable cost, so you can’t just go “all in” at a whim if you’ve got finite hobby cash to spend).

    But looking at the two leaked minis from this new WHQ, it looks like the minis might be REALLY useful for games of Mordheim as well (which would be my trigger for buying a box).



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    I wonder if 3rd time is charm for this new iteration of Warhammer Quest though.
    Blackstone fortress held on for quite a while, but the new Warhammer Quest variants never seemed to go anywhere after the release of the boxed set.

    And yeah … GW is not exactly reliable when it comes to post launch support of their non mainline games. It’s as if exploiting FOMO is the only reason these things get made.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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