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Warlord buys Clockwork Goblin

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    Warlord Games Acquires Konflikt ’47


    Looks like more K47 will be on it’s way at some point. Makes sense givne how close it is to Bolt Action.



    Cautiously optimistic.  Although with how Warlord have raised prices I can only imagine what new K47 content will actually cost at retail.  It was a nice little distraction years ago when you could typically find K47 army starter boxes on clearance at various e-tailers, but with new product I predict sticker shock.  I was half interested in their War At Sea line until the product got released & I saw the price tags.  Wowza!


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    I thought Warlord had bought them ages ago if I’m honest



    Warlord HAS gotten a bit expensive over the past year, not sure if it’s due to the costs of all the materials going up or if it’s due to having to pay bigger rent on their new warehouse/office.

    But what’s worse is the sculpting has got definitely worse as well (so now you are paying more for “bad” miniatures). When you compare their metal sculpts for the 28mm late winter war Germans to what they are currently putting out (did you see the awful Chinese Cav for the Korean War they put out last week?), you would swear it was from differing companies.

    I’m afraid with Warlords increased pricing, I’m not buying anything from them (I WAS tempted with the epic ACW stuff, even although it’s in a weird scale that “locks” you in to only buying from Warlord). I would perhaps be tempted with some WW2 stuff at the current prices (in metal), BUT only if they get a handle on the sculpting and restart putting out good minis again 🙁

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    Interesting as they didn’t have much to say at the open house interviews and panels.  I splurged on some of clockwork 15mm versions last year and they are in my pike of shame to make a true @warzan special army.  This could be a great step to move the game forward and keep it alive.

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    Cautiously optimistic they will make a good stab at improving the K47 offering, wierd world war games always seem to struggle so I think a good refresh of the rules to bring them more inline with the latest BA and a healthy pipeline of miniatures might start getting people interested again.

    That being said as mentioned above warlords recent quality and pricing is cause for concern for me, increased costs understood but their pricing is becoming G’Wulla levels of expensive, especially given the quality of some of their kits. Theres been some great new plastics, espcially for bolt action over the last few years and the epic line is fantastic and i think the best sculpted miniatures at that scale but other stuff is just way off, like those new Chinese Korean war minis.

    Paying more for good minis im fire with, but a lot of their range is getting old and dated, and their pricing of warlord resin i find unjustified, your better spending the same money and getting high quality well sculped metal minis from somebody else and often for less.

    That being said,  I hope the game has a long future, its a fun quirky take on WWII wargaming that deserves a place in peoples collection just for bring that bit of whackyness. I might be a bit much to hope for but IF they brought out some plastics, or some well-designed upgrade sprues for their existing range I think there would be a big surge in popularity.


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    @phaidknott There doing new Epic ACW starters with old metals minis now in plastic, so two frames instead of one, so infantry, cavalry mounted and dismounted, zouves and skirmishers all plastic, Iron Brigade coming in cheaper resin. For limbers and wagons and a few add ins 12mm acw Kallistra scales very well and half the price.

    So pick up say the ACW Guts and Glory starter some Kallistra to fill in gaps and depending what rule set your using probably more than enpugh to keep you going for years fielding both sides for £100ish. Maybe one for next black friday sale?



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