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Why make an army book if you won't stock the army?

Home Forums News, Rumours & General Discussion Why make an army book if you won't stock the army?

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    Warning, this is about GW, specifically their apparent plans for Freeguild armies. I’m not trying to… bicker, but I’m not trying to lick their toes, either.

    Basically, since they released an army book for the ‘Free Cities of Sigmar,’ I logically assumed (alright, who’s snickering?) they would be releasing new boxes of basic Freeguild units (spearmen, swordsmen, etc). Today I went to a ‘local’ store (if you can call a roughly half hour drive local) and noticed this apparently hadn’t happened yet. I asked an employee when they would finally get new boxes (specifically I asked about new spearmen or swordsmen, then I specified for the Freeguild) and the answer was there weren’t any plans to stock them and they would only be sent to the store on order.

    I don’t get this. I know the industry’s changing and apparently retail’s dying, but none of this has stopped them from loading the shelves with bloody Nighthaunt or Primaris boxes. I just don’t get why they expect people to buy the Freeguild army book when they’ll never see Freeguild on the shelves.

    What’s the point of releasing an army book if you’re never going to release an army?



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    The book serves two purposes. 1) It allows those that had models from pre AoS to repurpose those miniatures, and, 2) a way to combine forces into a single army. They may eventually release new models but it is likely a low priority. Unless people start buying lots of the existing models and GW sense an opportunity… it will be a while before new models are released.



    Yep, it’s meant for people who already had the models and don’t want their army to go extinct just because the world ended…



    Not saying @zeker1966 or @timmoth are wrong, but wouldn’t it make more sense if they made the Free cities, more like the old armies? Like, few, if any, of the Free Cities armies have the same colours as the old Empire or Ulthuaan provinces. And how many Dwarf players collected a Dark Elf fleet at the same time? Or how many Dark Elve players collected High and Wood Elves and Empire Flagellants? Do they really expect people to rebase and repaint all their old Warhammer armies? Don’t they remember how big they could get, when peasants like me could still afford them?

    Maybe there was no good way to do this, but there had to have been a better way than all this. I really don’t see too many Grognards rebasing and repainting their entire old armies when they could just use them to play 9th Age (or just use a 6th edition rulebook).


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    Check out Element Games – they have most of the units you mention as not being able to find available in their AOS Forces of Order section, and cheaper than buying from GW direct.

    It is an unfortunate reality though that SKU bloat is a thing that all companies selling a product that have success will likely run into, so a periodic pruning is required (or amalgamation as we have seen more frequently with the Middle Earth ranges). At least in GW’s case they keep a considerable portion of their range available as Direct Only, and have begun giving access again to these products to retailers like EG who want to carry them.




    Unfortunately the Freeguilds have become somewhat of a dumping ground for older WHFB kits GW still considers profitable enough to produce and sell online. Granted looking at AoS regular humans just come across as pointless, pretty much anything out there massively more powerful or even godly. They’re sadly enough a bit of an afterthought and probably nothing more than an attempt not to alienate whatever WHFB fans this around.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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