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XLBS Overdue?

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    Hi Everyone,

    Is it just me, or is XLBS a bit late…

    I thought it usually arrives just after 6pm NZ time at the moment – we are sweltering in summer at the moment, got up to 32 C where I live – GMT+13 hours.XLBS


    Cult of Games Member

    I was thinking the same thing.


    Of course, I’m still up at 12:30am here in Midwest America and we’re freezing at ‘1 deg C’.


    So I guess we’re both suffering at opposites of the spectrum.


    But suffering no less from a lack of XLBS!


    Have a good one @hobbyhub even without the greatest show on the Internet!


    Cult of Games Member

    Maybe Justins’ mind was melted a little too much ?

    I got all my Hate in a box … well two big boxes …

    so I’ve got no hate left for something as trivial as a late XLBS 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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