Daredevil Plays Batman in Man of Steel 2!

August 23, 2013 by dracs

Yes, we know this isn't hobby related, but it's such big news for geekdom that we had to throw in our two cents.

By now most of you will know that the Caped Crusader is going to be turning up in Superman's next flick. And just who are they getting to play the iconic role of Batman? This guy:

Ben Affleck

Needless to say this has engendered something of a... mixed reaction from the community. Warren described his own reaction as being one of horror when he heard and to be honest I can see why.

Affleck is known for playing a number of comedic roles, not something one might expect of someone who is to be the Dark Knight and while he has done some pretty good dramatic roles in the past they are tainted by some truly terrible ones (though shalt not mention Pearl Harbour).

And let us not forget that this is not Affleck's first foray into super hero films.


Yeah that didn't go down that well.

Having said that, I am actually rather hopeful. I seem to be one of the only people who actually enjoyed Daredevil (seriously watch the director's cut and ignore all the scenes with Jennifer Garner, it's not that bad).

Affleck's portrayal of the Man Without Fear could easily be transferred to a pretty good Batman performance. For one thing, Affleck did modulate his voice while wearing the mask, but he could still be easily understood and did not sound cartoonishly over the top. Christian Bale take note.

And of course may I remind you that this would not be the first time we've heard of a strange casting decision which in the end payed off. Anyone remember their reaction to hearing this?

Heath Ledger

I suppose only time will tell.

Which side do you take on this decision? Are you optimistic, or does the prospect horrify you to your very core?

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