And What Did Santa Bring You For Christmas?

December 26, 2012 by dracs

Another Christmas has been and gone and hopefully it has left behind plenty of presents for you to get gaming with.

On the first day of Christmas Santa gave to me,

3 Magic card decks

magic cards

And a unicyle under the tree.


photo 4

Oh, and the complete series of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

Yeah, not the most heavily gaming orientated Christmas, but still fun and I got some pretty good cards among those Magic the Gathering sets, including the useful Hypersonic Dragon and the intimidating Isperia, Supreme Judge!

Hypersonic Dragon

Isperia Supreme Judge

I can't wait to get making some new decks. I can feel the guys at the gaming group shaking in fear already.

But what did you guys all get? Maybe the new Hobbit miniatures game? Or possibly something even cooler. Or maybe its not even a gaming thing at all, but is still enough to make us all green with envy.

Drop us a comment below and let us know how your Christmas went.

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