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Art Direction


Review: Blood & plunder: As historically accurate as it is FUN!

I got a chance to meet the designers/creators at Gencon 2016. I picked their brains about the design process, the accuracy, the mechanics. I immediately fell in love with this game! My wife is a history major. What initially drew us in was the painstaking details they threw in. The ships are designed as close to true scale as possible given the period. The troops, the history. All done with such care and detail. They had consultants and researchers for the period. It drew us like a sirens call.

So then we sat down for a demo. Both aspects of the game are amazing! The ship battles are top notch. The land battles are so much fun as well. There are so many opportunities for both the gaming and the hobbying aspects of this game. You can even do amphibious battle where you fight on both land and sea!
Such an amazing game from an amazing team!


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