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Review: Whats Not to Like

Whats not to like, its Pirates. Well it is a lot more that just a pirate game and has a great scope to the game too. Firstly the game is set at the dawn of Piracy, at the birth of some the great names like Henry Morgan and O'Lionese but it more that ships and plunder. First it rather more historical than first thought and it induces you to the three main protagonists at the stage are actually nations, France, the super power on the rise with all the latest new tech. Spain, the falling and fail superpower with equipment and tactics from the past and England, or rather Britain, the young upstart nation with a mix of old and new. But if none of these land grabbers take your fancy then there is the Unaligned, the true Pirates who fight anyone and everyone for gold.

The true period of history is amazing and this game really gives that feeling, coupled with a good, strong set of rules that are quick and easy to learn, takes seconds to play and understand, but have a lot of special rules and feels for the period and time. But the best part of the rules and game is the rules for sea combat is the same as land combat but at sea. When you think about it, it does actually make sense as shooting on land is the same as at sea, as is fighting hand to hand.

The game and the components, the models and the ships are amazingly good and though Firelock do make them you dont really need them as lots of manufacturers do both ships and figures but I dare anyone to find similar quality for the price.

All in all a wonderfully colourful game

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