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Review: First play of Fallout the boardgame

July 20, 2018 by thedace Cult of Games Member

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My thoughts on Fallout the Boardgame after my first play -

The character pieces look great and are of a decent quality for a boardgame.

The map tiles, cards and other gubbins are of a decent quality as you would expect from Fantasy Flight.

This is one of the best boardgames that I have played this year.

Loads of different ways to go about the game - Explore, Take on enemies, Follow various plot lines, Concentrate on leveling, Concentrate on getting the best gear or a bit of everything. This game lets you do all of these things and more with complete freedom.

Great flavour text on encounters make you really feel like you are exploring a wasteland and captures the essence of Fallout nicely.

Decisions that you make will cause various cards to be added to various decks meaning most things you do in this game are not without consequence which I think is great

Enemies can be deadly as in the video game but with high risk comes high reward.

The two hours we spent playing this game absolutely flew by and I guess that is a sign of a good game.

I won't go into mechanics etc because thats what rule books and tutorials are for, what I will say is that it all works beautifully and makes for a great gaming experience.

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I totally agree with @thedace having also played this game several times, my initial concerns about replayability were unfounded as at this point we have played the same scenario at least four times with different results each time. I would like to think that future expansions including more scenarios and library deck expansion will be forthcoming. Overall well pleased with this game.


It has some great ideas, the “quest” deck is really cool, being able to pick your way through the quests in a style similar to the fighting fantasy books is really good fun. The pieces are great, the Pip-boy dashboards are really pretty and tactile – slotting your S.P.E.C.I.A.L tokens in, moving your health/rad markers around and slotting conditions in is much more fun than it should be. The minis are awesome, the whole game is impeccably presented. However. The game is really quite bad. The quest deck is an awesome mechanic, but there is nothing stopping other players from… Read more »