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Review: Pirates of the Caribbean with NO Zombies!

November 7, 2018 by valenceblackmoore

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Never did a review before so here it goes.  I never played historical games or wargames before B&P!  My favorite movie is Captain Blood (1935) with Errol Flynn.  So I was walking through GENCON in 2016 and there it was!

Set in the golden age of piracy, B&P allows for a wide array of game play and styles.  I prefer the Dutch and Pirate Factions (obviously) but often play the Spanish.  The game started with 3 ships and 1 boat with the first kickstarter and has options for land, sea and amphibious games.  Note there are no special rules for these options and with the exception of ship movement, all rules apply to all scenarios and game options.  The players are given a point value to build a force from about 10 miniatures to about 60 miniatures for the range of games I play per side.  The factions have enough unique features to make each side balanced and allow for the player to make the difference in who wins, not who has the best list.  The base game has 4 nationalities with over a dozen possible factions with easy to make custom forces.

The first expansion added a 3rd party licensed wooden ship and 1 more in-house resin ship.  Speaking of ships, they are all resin single piece designs with wooden dowels and elastic cord for rigging.  You can customize then to your hearts want.  The miniatures are all one piece metal cast, with the exception of one, it has two pieces.

The second kickstarter  added a slew of new factions and miniatures.  It also added 1 boat and 3 ships.

The game focuses on historical accuracy even down to the boar skin shoes of the French Boucaniers.  It has a simple ruleset, uses standard d10's, a novel initiative system with a regular deck of cards, and of course PIRATES!

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