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Review: Brutality Skirmish Wargame Quick Review

February 24, 2022 by esitler1

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The Goddess Ishtar has created the Brutal Realm in an attempt to return to the Mortal Realm she was banished from. She has torn portals into reality across time and space capturing living creatures from all over the galaxy, trapping these poor souls in her own world. Ishtar, being the

goddess of life, death, rebirth and war, has created a realm where no one stays dead. If one is to be slain they will awaken again in the last place they fell asleep. This cycle of death and rebirth along with the cults that follow her within the realm have started replenishing her power to once again return to the mortal realms. There are many different factions and lands that are expanded upon within the rulebook. 

The Basics 

Some of the basic mechanics of the game involve: 

  • Warbands are composed of between 4 and 8 members. 
  • Players alternate activating models 
  • Games last for 4 turns 
  • D10 based game gives more flexibility in chances 
  • Played on a base 3x3 board 
  • Models range from 1 point each for basic models, 1.5 for upgraded and 3 for monsters

Brutality Skirmish Wargame has many appealing factors to it: 

  • Use any 28-32mm models that you want! There is no need to go out and buy any new models. The game was created to fit into any setting. We can bring warhammer heroclix, D&D or any other models that you have or like. 
  • Use any setting! Brutality is set in the Brutal Realm but the core game rules are designed in a way to fit into any setting that you desire. There have been players that have used it
  • Games are fast, taking approximately 30-60 minutes. This is a great game to play at night after work. You can get a game or two in and it doesn't take up your whole night (unless you want it to!). Games are quick so if you lose a game you can get right back up and fight again. 
  • Solo and CO-OP gaming modes are available. There is a beautifully designed AI table to help control the forces you are facing so you can play games or whole campaigns solo or with a friend (available in the Hardback Rulebook and Full PDF Rules). 
  • Campaign Mode- Rules to complete a solo, coop or competitive campaign are included in the Hardback/Full PDF Rulebooks.

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I agree, it’s a fun system with a free intro rule set. However, if you want the full rules then the physical rule book and expansions they are pretty expensive. For example; £40 rulebook HB, £24 exp PB, Missions £27 PB + P&P = £98. That’s Gamesworkshop prices, which is never good.