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Art Direction


Review: This is THE skirmish game out there

October 19, 2022 by vonkrolok

In Love

Let's start off by saying that I was intrigued by Infinity solely by the looks of the miniatures. This is the absolute selling point. I started getting some documentation to understand the game mechanics and I can tell you that the basic game is an absolute piece of cake. The advanced playing is at another level. There are thousands of special rules and skills, but once you understand the mechanism the daunting effect is soon dispersed.

This consideration especially applies if one considers the fact that: it is the complexity of the game itself that makes it absolutely fantastic. There are "come back" possibilities aplenty, the game is not finished till turn 3 even when it looks dire.

The quality of the sculpts is amazing and the need for a dense terrain table makes it even more beautiful to behold.

I suggest playing a game twice switching sides of the table and see what happens. The game is so balanced that I can foresee it'd be a 1-1 match. The balancement is also guaranteed by the publications: all factions are updated altogether with every book and available for free from the handy army builder.

Also rules are free. The books are mainly used for background.

The only mole I can find is the English translation. I wish they actually dedicated more time to it (in case I'm avilable).

Keep it up CB and show some love to the AI ;).

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