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A War Transformed


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A War Transformed: WWI On The Doggerland Front – First Impressions | Osprey Games


Ben gives his first thoughts and impressions on A War Transformed, the brand new Weird World War I wargame which is now available from Osprey Games. Is this game going to draw you in and sink it's monstrous claws into you?

Osprey’s Folklore WWI Wargame, A War Transformed Coming Soon


Osprey Games is looking towards the release of a brand new game at the end of September. A War Transformed by Frederick Silburn-Slater and illustrated by Dimitris Martinos is a tabletop game where folklore and horror mesh with World War I on the Doggerland Front.

Brand New Flames Of War Starter Set Revealed! Battle In Berlin With The 15mm Red Army #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! This week, a brand new Flames Of War Starter Set has been revealed. Dive into more World War 2 Historical wargaming on the tabletop with new 15mm German and Soviet armies battling it out for Berlin during the Late War period.

Four New Wargames Coming This Year From Osprey Games!


Osprey Games has announced that four new wargaming books are going to be landing later this year from a variety of different creators. We start with the one that we saw teased recently, The Doomed. 

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