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Age of Tyrants


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Age Of Tyrants: Stretch Goal Expansions & Future Plans


Mark Brendan talks us through the future plans for Age of Tyrants and where they are right now as they come towards the end of their Kickstarter campaign. We also have an awesome timelapse showing the creation of a Viridian Mustang Fighter...

The Age Of Tyrants Kickstarter Gets New Terrain Packs


Closing in on the last week on Kickstarter Age of Tyrants has added some terrain to their campaign thanks to their partnership with Brigade Models. See what you think of what's on offer...

Age Of Tyrants: How To Build A Junkers Company


If you're wondering on how to build armies for Age of Tyrants then they've put together this piece showing off a typical Junkers army for the game. Don't forget to check out the Kickstarter...

Heroes & CLAU Come To Age Of Tyrants Kickstarter


As the Age of Tyrants Kickstarter continues we've pulled up a few of the unlocked additions that you can add to your pledge. We kick things off with some heroes and then move onto the epic looking CLAU which bring walker-type warriors to the tabletop alongside the tanks...

Weekender: Competition Winners & 100 To Save Us All?


Check Out New Character Add-Ons For Age Of Tyrants Kickstarter


The campaign is now funded and the Age of Tyrants crew is looking towards new Add-Ons and more on Kickstarter. See what you think of these two characters which are now available as well as additional counter sets which help you keep track of everything in-game...

The Age Of Tyrants Kickstarter Has Launched


The Age of Tyrants Kickstarter has begun allowing you to get together all of the various armies for this fantastic looking 6mm Sci-Fi world. Which of the armies would you want to begin your battling with?

Weekender: Exploring Age Of Tyrants


Age Of Tyrants Painting Tutorial – VASA Red Hammer


Awaken Realms is one of the biggest miniature painting studios worldwide with over a dozen talented painters on board so it gives us great pleasure to introduce their YouTube video tutorial of our VASA Red Hammer tank for Age of Tyrants.

Age Of Tyrants: A Game Of Combined Arms


Mark Brendan, the designer and writer for Age of Tyrants, takes us through the basics of the rules and gives us an idea of how the game is going to play. We also get to check out loads of painted Junker vehicles and infantry too...

Age Of Tyrants: How To Paint The Junker Draco Artillery Platform


The makers of Age Of Tyrants, an upcoming 6mm Sci-Fi game, have teamed up with IL NANO NEFASTO Painting Studio to show off how to paint one of the Junker vehicles, the Draco Artillery Platform...

Age Of Tyrants: The Major Factions Uncovered


In this article we'll be taking a closer look at the four major factions that make up the combatants in Age of Tyrants, a forthcoming 6mm scale tabletop wargame. Thanks for reading!

Age Of Tyrants: Learning About The Draconis Alba Galaxy


The Age of Tyrants team give us a glimpse into their Sci-Fi world where their 6mm mass battle game is set. With that in mind learn more about The Draconis Alba Galaxy within...

Age of Tyrants Reveals Sketches of Junkers Models


A new game soon to be released, Age of Tyrants, gives us a peak into WIP on some of their tanks.

Some Mini 6mm Troops Drop In For Age Of Tyrants


Delve into the world of Age of Tyrants where everything is decidedly smaller than usual, 6mm in fact! What do you think of these sculpts?

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