Weekender: Competition Winners & 100 To Save Us All?

January 30, 2016 by warzan

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We're sorry but we've had to skip the regular Weekender as Justin is using all of the cameras to film Wolsung SSG content for the website! However, we do have some updates for you...

Weekender: Competition Winners & 100 To Save Us All?

Competition Winners

We are announcing the competition winners who got their hands on an Age of Tyrants diorama from Angel Giraldez and the four original Art Prints by Wayne England.

Claim Your Prize Here

Congratulations to those who won and we hope that you go and check out the Kickstarter going on right now for the game.

Article Spotlight

As well as that we highlight two article series that are running this week which include the French & Indian War series looking at battling out some scenarios using Muskets & Tomahawks.

We're also looking at the Naval Wargaming series which lately went into detail about how to fight out Cruiser Actions in the Pacific theatre.


Backstagers can help us! If you want to try and see if you can help us with the 100 Challenge then check out the link below...

Join Backstage & To Watch The Weekender XLBS Tomorrow Morning

What will you be getting up to this weekend?

We hope you have a great weekend!

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