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On The Lamb Present Their AdeptiCon Fantasy Miniature


Check out the limited edition miniature for AdeptiCon from On The Lamb Games.

On the Lamb Show Off Their Artistic Streak


On the Lamb have put up some new pieces of artwork for the Kingdom of Chugoku.

Alvin, Simon, Theodore…and a Gatling Gun from On the Lamb?


I think those chipmunks may be turning on us!

On The Lamb Show off a Plucky Furry Pilot


A furry pilot with a taste for adventure arrives with Brushfire from On the Lamb Games.

Brushfire Take Their Rodents to Kickstarter


On the Lamb have announced a new Kickstarter campaign for their game of Brushfire.

A Feathery Mount for the Forces of Aquitar


Another animal offering from the folks at On the Lamb, and its painted too!

On the Lamb Welcome Our Insect Overlords


On the Lamb have put up some teaser artwork for the Legion! These guys are coming for your suger cubes.

On The Lamb Hail The Capitaine for Civitas


A massive new resin offering from the folks at On The Lamb Games!

Brushfire’s Rodent Ronin


On the Lamb have previewed a new Samurai figure for Brushfire on their Facebook. Amamimoto the Ronin for Ribenguo.

On the Lamb Ask Are You a Man or a Mouse?


On the Lamb have announced that the rules for Historia Rodentia, the Brushfire RPG from Mongoose Publishing is now available to pre-order.

Select Your Species in Historia Rodentia


On the Lamb have put out some new artwork displaying all the playable species in the upcoming Brushfire RPG Historia Rodentia.

Aquitar Faction for Brushfire RPG


The third out of the four factions which will be available to play as in the upcoming Brushfire rpg Historia Rodentia has been previewed.

Two New Greens for Brushfire


On the Lamb have previewed two upcoming miniatures for Brushfire. The Marmot Medic and the Weasel Trapper.

Exclusive look at the new Faction for the Brushfire RPG


If you've been following the development of the new Historia Rodentia RPG, based on the world of the Brushfire Skirmish Game, then you'll be waiting to see the images for the new player characters races for the new faction... Scyzantine!

Brushfire RPG Faction Preview


On the Lamb have got some concept art showing a few of the races which will be playable in the upcoming Historia Rodentia Role Playing Game. Check these adventurous critters out.

New Greens for Brushfire


On the Lamb have previewed some new greens for upcoming Brushfire miniatures, take a look.

Brushfire Moves to RPG


On the Lamb are teaming up with Mongoose Publishing to bring you an RPG based in the world of Brushfire, Historia Rodentia.

Shrew Hussar Preview from Brushfire


How would you like to see a shrew riding a kiwi? On The Lamb Games have made that possible in this latest look at a new Brushfire miniature. And to put the icing on the cake...he is dressed up as […]

A Look at On The Lamb Games


Adam tracks down On The Lamb Games at gen con 2011 and has a look at some of their cool Brushfire models.

New for Brushfire… Kernish Terrier


If you like your Axiony warriors for Brushfire to be tenacious and yappy... then it's the Kernish Terrier you want! Update Now with new images of the Heavy Brigadier and Axiony Warband

Get Brushfire Rules for Free & 20% Discount!


Are you interested in some anthropomorphic animal battles? Then you need to check out Brushfire from On the Lamb Games... and if you're a Backstager... you can download the rules right now for free! Oh and we also have a massive 20% discount on their webstore.

Fly my Pretties… Fly!


I was very remiss when I posted about this game previously on BoW. I didn't know much about it and I was interested in something a bit different for an RPG... however... it turns out that there will be miniatures created for this game too. Miniatures created by none other than BoW stalwarts, On the Lamb Games!

New Kernish Terrier for Brushfire


Here's the latest miniature release for Brushfire... a Kernish Terrier!

Sneak Peak at some New Brushfire Greens


Here a quick look at the new greens for Axony's Devon Brigadiers... the Devon Rexes! These are the next wave of releases for Brushfire, from On The Lamb Games and should be out in a few months.

Some Reptilian Concepts from Brushfire


Here's a couple of new concept art sketches from the lovely people at On-the-Lamb Games... this time a lizard-like Sand Guard and Lu Pang... I think he's a Pangolin!

Bull Regulars from Brushfire


If you like your dogs, then you might like these new Bull Regulars from Brushfire.

Big News in Brushfire


On the Lamb bring armies of fury... or should that be furry?

Brushfire is 1 Year Old!


Brushfire is 1 year old... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Beware the Badger… at claw!


On the Lamb games have been producing anthropomorphic miniatures for a while now, but these Badgers-at-Claw are great!

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