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Dragon Rampant



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Cult Of Games XLBS: Not Enough Space To Hobby?!


We have lost Gerry to something mystical called...a holiday?! In his place, we've brought Justin back into the fold to talk about the hobby and try and work out how to make enough space to hobby and game!

Last Sword Miniatures Unveil Their Patreon


Last Sword Miniatures are a company from Spain who have done some spectacular resin models for fantasy gaming. Standing out among past offerings are their Undead range that have a french feudal knight theme and the Lizardmen army that was […]

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Osprey’s Dragon Rampant Now Available For Pre-Order


Available in December 2015 Dragon Rampant is now up for pre-order from Osprey Games. If you're looking for a Fantasy twist on Lion Rampant then you'll want to take a closer look at this book...

Osprey Go Fantastical With Cover For Dragon Rampant


In some more Osprey Publishing news they have released the cover image for their Fantasy battle game, Dragon Rampant. This game will be based on the Lion Rampant system but with more focus on additional magical and fantastical elements...

Osprey To Take Lion Rampant Fantastical In Dragon Rampant


See what you make of the news that Lion Rampant is going to be adapted into a full on fantasy warfare system called Dragon Rampant...

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